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InfoQ Homepage News RadControls for WPF and Silverlight Q2 2013 SP1 with Entity Framework 6 Support and Several Features

RadControls for WPF and Silverlight Q2 2013 SP1 with Entity Framework 6 Support and Several Features

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Telerik has released RadControls for WPF and Silverlight Q2 2013 SP1 with the ability to change application icon set during runtime in addition to support for Entity Framework 6. It also provides an ability to pass event arguments to command when using Telerik EventToCommandBehavior in addition to several new features and improvements.

The Barcode control has added support for automatic selection of version based on the length of the text and the specified ErrorCorrectionLevel. On the other hand, the diagram control expose an event which is fired before the activation of a connector.

The GridView for WPF and Silverlight provides a capability to design for invalid-edit mode state of the new row. Moreover, the editor is stretched relative to its parent row height in addition to support for EditTriggers. The latest release includes improvements related to visual optimization of templates in addition to the ability to select shapes using intersection with selection rectangle. It also fixes IndexOutOfRangeException when RadMap.MaxZoomLevel property is changed dynamically including support for OpenStreet map provider.

The NumericUpDown control enables you to display decimal numbers to their significant digit when NumberDecimalDigits is set and also includes a property for modifying NumberDecimalSeparator. The PDFViewer control has been updated with support for shading, RunLenghtDecode, ColorSpaces, ClearDocument() method and provides a mechanism that enables users to get exception in DocumentSource. On the other hand, PropertyGrid control has added ItemChanged event, editors caching including the ability to expand and collapse groups improvements.

The Spreadsheet control included with the recent SP1 release includes support for SUMIF, COUNTIF, LOOKUP and INDEX functions including support for wildcard characters when searching and replacing content. RadControls for WPF and Silverlight Q2 2013 SP1 also provides several new features and improvements to PivotGrid, RibbonView, RichTextBox, TabControl and TreeListView.

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