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InfoQ Homepage News Edge.js Adds Support for Linux and Mac OS X So C# and Node.js Can Run Anywhere

Edge.js Adds Support for Linux and Mac OS X So C# and Node.js Can Run Anywhere

The Edge.js project has added support for Linux and Mac OS X environments.  Through integration with the .NET CLR, Edge.js combines with Node.js to offer the ability to run C# code with JavaScript.  This allows applications to use .NET code to handle processor intensive tasks without blocking Node.js' event loop.  When running solely on the Microsoft platform, it means developers can write for Windows-specific features without having to use C/C++. 

Now by supporting Mono, new Edge.js version 0.8.0 offers developers working on non-Microsoft platforms the same convenience and flexibility.  This allows C# code to do the heavy lifting for a Node.js application.  This also allows developers the ability to develop on one platform and deploy to a different one.

Edge.js on Microsoft platforms is not limited to just C#, as it also supports interoperability with F#, Python via IronPython, T-SQL, and PowerShell.  It is possible for Edge.js to support additional languages through a CLR 4.0 assembly.

To download and get started with Edge.js, visit creator Tomasz Janczuk’s GitHub page that provides the source code and further details.  A NPM package is also available.

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