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Dartium Comes To Android

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Dart 1.5 was released last week with a focus on mobile development. This includes a version of Dartium that works on Android along with editor improvements to support debugging of mobile web apps built using Dart.

Dartium is a special build of Chromium that includes the Dart VM - it is convenient to use this to test web apps written in Dart, without having to compile it to JavaScript. Improvements in the editor, together with a Dartium build for Android, now allow you to launch and debug a Dart mobile app on an Android device. You can learn more about using these mobile-centric tools from the documentation.

Some other improvements in this release -

  • Shipped two new set of polymer elements, core_elements and paper_elements
  • Better version resolution, lazy transformers for Pub (Dart Package Manager)
  • Editor improvements - low memory warnings and recommendations, formatter improvements, integration with Observatory (the Dart profiler)
  • Several Observatory improvements

Head over to the release notes to get a full list of changes.

There is also an interesting discussion on Hacker News about interop with JS libraries, future of Dart and so on.

Dart is an Object-Oriented language from Google, for building web clients. 

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