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InfoQ Homepage News JetBrains 0xDBE: A Tool for DBAs and SQL Developers

JetBrains 0xDBE: A Tool for DBAs and SQL Developers

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Up until now, JetBrains’ IDEs have included plug-ins for dealing with database administration and development tasks. JetBrains has decided to extract the respective functionality and place it in an IDE of its own, namely 0xDBE.

0xDBE is an IntelliJ-based editor targeted at DBAs and developers working with SQL databases. Andrey Cheptsov, Product Manager for JetBrains, told InfoQ that 0xDBE works with the following databases: DB2, Derby, H2, HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite and Sybase.

Some of the most important features of 0xDBE are:

  • Code completion for foreign keys, alter statements, inserts
  • Parameter suggestions for values, functions and procedures
  • Symbol renaming in data source and SQL files
  • Finding symbols in data source and SQL files
  • Detecting errors in SQL code, offering the option to add unresolved table/columns to a data source
  • SQL Editor with multiple carets, toggled comments, etc.
  • Code formatting based on user-defined styles
  • Table Editor
  • Code navigation to declaration, symbol, etc.
  • Schema Editor that can be used to edit tables, indices, foreign keys, functions, procedures, etc.

0xDBE runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. Those interested can access the Early Access Program, while the GA is expected for the end of the year, according to Cheptsov.

When asked if 0xDBE will be enhanced to work with NoSQL databases, Cheptsov said that “NoSQL is also interesting for us, but SQL is the top priority for now.”

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