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InfoQ Homepage News Realm: Low-Footprint, Thread-Safe Database For iOS And Android

Realm: Low-Footprint, Thread-Safe Database For iOS And Android


Realm is an open-source, Object-oriented database. It provides a simpler, more performant alternative to using CoreData on iOS and will soon be available on Android as well.

iOS database alternatives such as CoreData, CouchBaseLite as well as ORMLite (Android) are built on top of SQLite. This is because creating reliable and fast storage engine takes a lot of work and SQLite is battle-tested. Realm, however, aims to advance the state of the art and has it’s own C++ core. In the launch announcement, the team explains the rationale for this -

SQLite was revolutionary when it launched in 2000 but developing mobile apps in 2014 is obviously a very different beast than it was 14 years ago, and our notion of what a “phone” or “app” is has also changed drastically. We saw a clear opportunity to provide a fresh start for data on mobile with an easier API and an architecture that benefits from the last decade of innovation in databases. In short, we’re the first mobile-first database.

Some important features -

The team is also promising support beyond iOS native development -

  • Sync capabilities
  • Support for Android, as well as Xamarin-based apps, Unity, .NET

You can get started with Realm by reading the docs or checking out the sources

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