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InfoQ Homepage News QConSF Spotlight: Microservices, Cutting Edge Java, Continuous Delivery; 58/100 Speakers Confirmed

QConSF Spotlight: Microservices, Cutting Edge Java, Continuous Delivery; 58/100 Speakers Confirmed


With 58/100 speakers confirmed, the 8th annual QCon San Francisco (Nov 3-7, 2014) is expected to draw over 1,000 team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers for three days of practitioner-delivered talks. Come hear about the latest innovations in Data Science, Java, Mobile, Machine Learning, Continuous Delivery, Agile, Engineering Culture, and More. Register before Sept 13th and save $500.

Some of this year's popular tracks - based on site page views - include:

Scalable Microservice Architectures

Coined by Netflix, microservices are being adopted by a growing number of companies. Pioneering practitioners of this architectural pattern deploy hundreds of microservices in the cloud and in private data centers. Talks in this track include:

Java at the Cutting Edge

With the release of Java 8 and planning already underway for Java 9+, the entire 9M+ Java community is energized in learning more about the latest additions to the Java platform and ecosystem. Talks in this track include:

Continuous Delivery: From Heroics to Becoming Invisible Successful

Continuous Delivery adoption culminates in habits, processes and tooling that become so ingrained and natural to the daily routines of the organization as to become invisible. Talks in this track include:

Registration, is $1,895 ($500 off for the 3 day event until Sept 13th, and increases afterwards every month). QCon is produced by

Note: QCon discounts are available on groups as small as 3 attendees. For more details and to apply for a discount code, please contact .

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