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InfoQ Homepage News Survey Finds Clojure Adoption Progresses Year-to-Year

Survey Finds Clojure Adoption Progresses Year-to-Year


Cognitect has recently published the results of a community survey aimed at finding out "how and for what Clojure and ClojureScript are being adopted, what is going well and what could stand improvement." According to Cognitect's Justin Gehtland, though not a scientific survey, it shows how Clojure has "transitioned from exploratory status to a viable, sustainable platform for development at work."

The survey, which is now in its fourth year, focuses both on Clojure and ClojureScript, although the latter does not seem to enjoy adoption independently from Clojure.

The main finding, says Justin, is that both languages are seeing noticeable growth in their use for commercial purposes. The main domain where Clojure is applied is web development, with an increase from slightly over 20% to almost 35% in respondents claiming to work on commercial products and services. On the other hand, Clojure use for network programming, NoSQL, or math/data analysis has shrinked slightly.

The primary development environment used with Clojure is still Emacs, while Cursive, an IDE built on IntelliJ, made the second spot and Light Table the third. Leiningen, at a whopping 98% adoption rate, appears to be ubiquitous as a compile/package/deploy/release tool, says Justin.

Furthermore, Clojure 1.6 is the most widely used version, while about 18% of respondents are using the 1.7 alphas in production or development already.

Finally, the top concern among developers is about the availability of documentation and tutorials, with staffing going back to second place from being the top concern last year.

You can access the full 2014 Clojure and ClojureScript reports to get the full details.

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