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Git at the Atlassian Summit

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Git is one of those tools that take minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. The set of videos and slides compiled at the recently concluded Atlassian Summit is a great resource for the beginner and the expert alike.

If you are still fighting the battle of justifying Git within your organization or enterprise, Tim Petersen’s session on the Business Case for Git is the session you want to start with. He covers the differences of a completely distributed code repository vis-à-vis a centralized repository such as SubVersion (SVN). He also covers branching, code reviews, pull requests, etc. and how they all work hand-in-hand to enable a continuous but controlled release process. In the end he argues that not implementing Git is a business risk.

You could skip the Don’t Fear the Branch session unless you want to understand the gory details of how Git organizes branches. Jump instead to Becoming a Git Master next. After you get past the “Back to the Future” reference, the session covers a pot pouri of tools that are useful for the Git user starting with liquid-prompt which packs a lot of Git specific details in the prompt. Something like:

[rags:~/src/faban] master(+2/-0) 9s ±

Which provides an idea of my repository, what branch I am in, what changes have been made and so on. It’s extremely useful to get information if you are for instance in a Detached Head state as part of a git checkout. The session also covers how to resolve conflicts. The options covered include the oft-used rebase option and more esoteric ones such as rerere, which stands for Reuse Recorded Resolution. The session finally discusses the challenges of breaking up a Git project.

Sarah Goff-Dupont’s session Super-powered CI with Git talks about how Git is central to Continuos Integration (CI) and talks about branches, workflows, shallow clones and Branch build triggers using Bamboo although the same can be achieved with any other CI server for that matter.

For those who want to install Git on premise, Stefan Sassen’s session Scaling Git session is a must. It goes into considerable length of how Git organizes objects on the local store and what are the implications to performance.

In summary, these resources are useful for mastery of Git.

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