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C# Comes to the Unreal Engine

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Xamarin has released an extension that allows licensed Unreal Engine developers to build games using C#.  This initial release of Mono for Unreal Engine targets Unreal Engine 4.4 and supports development on Windows and Mac, with Linux support possible.  The extension provides F# support too, with the Mono team intending to add default templates in a future release.

Native access to the external APIs for Android, iOS, and Mac is available now.  C++ code can be accessed via CppSharp and manually binding C APIs can be performed with Platform Invoke.  The team has provided a guide for getting started with this extension, and instructions are provided on how to configure a Windows or Mac based development environment.

In announcing the project, Xamarin’s Miguel de Icaza notes that currently Xamarin does not directly support the extension itself.  To ship a project using Mono for Unreal Engine, a commercial license to redistribute the Mono runtime is required.  (This is in addition to possessing a license for the Unreal Engine itself.)  The development roadmap indicates preliminary support for Android and iOS, but has yet to make this work publicly available.  

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