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FoundationDB 3.0 Scales to New Heights

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FoundationDB has released version 3.0 of its key-value store with a primary focus on scalability and performance. In a blog post announcing the new release, FoundationDB CEO David Rosenthal shows FoundationDB 3.0 scaling to 14.4 million writes per second on 32 c3.8xlarge EC2 instances; a 36x improvement over the performance of previous versions.

In the post Rosenthal explains how the FoundationDB team came to realize such a large jump in performance. Prior to FoundationDB 3.0,

FoundationDB’s “transaction engine” (which processes writes) was built around a single master machine. By making the master stateless we avoided it being a single-point-of-failure, but it was a bottleneck. … For 3.0 we are delivering a breakthrough all-new “transaction engine” with a scalable design and no single master machine in the path of transactions. The transaction engine is the heart of FoundationDB, executing all transactions, checking them against each other, and ensuring speedy application of all writes.

While FoundationDB users may interact with the key-value store directly they can also use one of the various layers, for instance the SQL layer, that FoundationDB develops. Keeping these layers decoupled allows for all of the existing layers to benefit from the improvements in the new 3.0 release.

These performance numbers are particularly interesting in light of a series of recently published writes per second benchmarks.

  • Neflix pushed Cassandra to sustain ~1.1 million writes per second on a cluster of 285 i2.xlarge EC2 instances.
  • Google achieved 1 million writes per second with Cassandra on a cluster of 300 n1-standard-8 GCE instances.
  • Aerospike posted 1 million writes per second using their database offering on 50 n1-standard-8 GCE instances.

In addition to the performance and scalability improvements, FoundationDB 3.0 also includes enhanced monitoring support. This monitoring goes beyond simple machine checks by adding the ability to diagnose dozens of potential hardware bottlenecks and by integrating that high-level information with existing monitoring infrastructures.

FoundationDB is headquartered in Vienna, VA and was founded in 2009 by Nick Lavezzo, Dave Rosenthal, and Dave Scherer. To date they have raised $22.7 million in 2 Rounds from 3 Investors.

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