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InfoQ Homepage News Azure Toolkit for Eclipse Added Support for WebSphere Liberty and Application Insights

Azure Toolkit for Eclipse Added Support for WebSphere Liberty and Application Insights

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The Java development team at Microsoft Open Tech has released the latest version of Azure Toolkit for Eclipse that includes support for IBM WebSphere Liberty and Microsoft Application Insights. Available on Github, Azure Toolkit for Eclipse with Java is a plugin for developing, testing and deploying Java projects on Microsoft Azure.

IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core is a lightweight development and production runtime for web applications. Applications developed on Liberty Core can start with simple functionality but with the ability to migrate to the full WebSphere Application Server family over a period of time. Azure Toolkit for Eclipse previously included support for popular Java application servers such as Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss and Glassfish. With the addition of IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core, developers can test the application built on WebSphere Liberty locally before deploying on the cloud.

This release of Azure Plugin for Eclipse also includes support for Microsoft Application Insights. Application Insights is an instrumentation service that is used to detect issues, solve problems and improve applications performance. It helps developers to isolate and diagnose problems in live, production applications. It also provides insights into the usage pattern of an application by end users. The service supports ASP.NET and Java web applications, WCF services, Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. Application Insights is built as a part of Microsoft enterprise cloud services platform that follows the same security best practices as other services. Azure Toolkit for Eclipse bundles the Application Insights package into the Package forWindows Azure Libraries for Java. Developers can add this library to the build path of the Java project to include this service in their application.

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