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InfoQ Homepage News QCon New York 2015: Netflix, Comcast, NFL, Goldman Sachs Case Studies Confirmed (June 8-12)

QCon New York 2015: Netflix, Comcast, NFL, Goldman Sachs Case Studies Confirmed (June 8-12)

The fourth annual QCon New York (Jun 8-12, 2015) will feature in-depth case studies from Netflix, Comcast, Goldman Sachs, NFL Digital Media, and others. Software Engineers, Technical Team Leads, and Data Scientists at these companies will describe how they're dealing with some of the greatest challenges in the arenas of Microservices, Data Science, Reactive Architectures, Fraud Detection, DevOps, and Software Delivery.

New speakers and sessions are being posted to the conference site every week. 47/118 speakers have already been confirmed and 14 tutorials are online.

Here are some of the confirmed technical sessions:

Automating Operational Decisions in Real-time @ Netflix

This talk will discuss how Netflix uses data mining and machine learning techniques to automate decisions in real-time with the goal of supporting operational availability and reliability. It will also review how they got to the current state, the lessons learnt, and the future of real-time analytics at Netflix.

20 minutes from ticket to production. Zero downtime.

This session explains the benefits of containerization in the context of a real-world open-source deployment of a Go web service using Terraform, CoreOS, Docker, Fleet, and Vulcan on AWS. They will discuss testing, integration, canary deploys and how we achieve 20 minute development cycles (from request to production deployment) with zero downtime.

Fixing Production Code at 100 Miles per Hour: Five Techniques to Improve How You Debug Servers

Production debugging is hard, and it's getting harder. This session covers some essential tools and more advanced techniques Java and Scala developers can use to debug live applications and resolve errors quickly. It explores five crucial techniques for distributed debugging - and some of the pitfalls that make resolution much harder, and can even lead to downtime.

Where Next? Building a Career as a Technologist

You're a successful developer, architect or maybe even engineering leader. What's next? How can you turn a good job into a really fulfilling career? In this session learn how to identify your ideal job and build a personal brand that'll make you the obvious choice for the gig.

We hope you can join us for QCon New York 2015. If you register before Mar 14th you can save $500.

Attending with your colleagues? QCon New York offers special savings when you register a group of five or more people from your company. Click here for more details.

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