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InfoQ Homepage News Azul Announces Zulu Embedded, based on OpenJDK

Azul Announces Zulu Embedded, based on OpenJDK

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Azul Systems has released Zulu Embedded, a new open source embedded JDK, based on OpenJDK. It is targeted at companies that have embedded Java-based products such as mobile and IoT devices. Examples include routers and switches, ATM machines, avionics systems, automotive electronics and Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Zulu Embedded is a 100% open source, customizable Java SE solution. It's compliant with Java versions 6, 7 and 8. According to Azul, there are already over two million devices using Zulu Embedded. It can be customized for particular operating systems, 32 or 64-bit architectures, Java versions and includes many distribution and packaging options. Each Zulu build is verified using the TCK for the Java platform.

OEMs in embedded device manufacturing have traditionally had to pay Oracle when they needed an embedded Java runtime. Zulu Embedded users have access to Azul's long-term (10-year) support, which includes the latest bug fixes and security patches. Because Zulu Embedded is based on open source, licensing costs are much less than Oracle's. Pricing models include per device, per user, flat rate and customer-specific plans.

Brian Partridge, VP, 451 Research Mobility team, said:

Today's market for embedded computing and M2M applications is wrought with fragmentation and high costs. For the industry to take the next step towards realizing the expansive vision of IoT, development environments built on open source technologies have the potential to deliver the flexibility, economics, and time to market advantages needed to match an increasingly long set of compelling use cases. Zulu Embedded provides an intriguing, pure open source solution for the IoT and embedded markets requiring a robust Java SE implementation.

Zulu Embedded is available immediately for a wide variety of operating systems, hardware platforms and Java versions 6, 7, and 8. To learn more about Zulu Embedded, and to request support plan pricing, visit Complete, certified builds of Zulu, Azul's build of OpenJDK, are available as free downloads. You can also use Azul's apt-get and yum repositories at, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and via the Docker Hub.

Azul distributes a Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit (CCK) that's designed to narrow the compatibility gap between OpenJDK and the closed-source Oracle JDK. It contains additional functionality that is not included in OpenJDK. The CCK is free and can be added easily to Zulu as part of your normal upgrade or update process.

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