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AgileWelly OpenSpace Event Explores Growing Pains of Agile


Last week the AgileWelly meetup group hosted an OpenSpace event in Wellington, New Zealand where over 100 people participated in examining topics under the theme "Agile Adolescence: The Growing Pains".  Over the course of the day over 25 sessions were held which explored factors ranging from deployment of continuous delivery to factors that result in highly motivated teams. 

The event co-incided with a visit by the board of the Agile Alliance to New Zealand and a number of the board members (including this reporter) participated in the sessions.  The event was supported under the Agile Open Program of the Alliance. 

Lee Heath provided visual recording for some of the sessions and has made them available for this news item.

Advice for conducting an agile health check

Agile Health Check

Selling continuous delivery

Ho do we sell continuous delivery?

Ensuring we build the right thing

Build the right thiing

Fitting design into an agile process

Fitting design into an agile proces

How to get non-agile teams to play well with agile teams

Getting agile and non-agile teams working together



The day was facilitated by author and program director for the Agile Open program Ainsley Nies.  She used the symbol of the Koru, which has deep meaning in Māori culture, as a metaphor for the way in which agile practices and principles are constantly evolving and renewing as teams mature in their adoption.  

The participants were overwhelmingly positive about the event, as can be seen from the comments left afterwards on Meetup.

There are plans to make this a regular event on the New Zealand agile calendar. 


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