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InfoQ Homepage News The new QCon London - returning for its 10th year!

The new QCon London - returning for its 10th year!

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QCon London 2016 will take place at the The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre on March 7-11, 2016 next year, and registration is now open.

Inspired by our San Francisco QCon, the conference will have a new feel and philosophical direction, and we hope to see you back to experience it!

Monday - Wednesday date pattern

Unlike the previous years, the event will start with the 3 conference days on Monday March 7- Wednesday March 9, followed by two full tutorial days on March 10-11. This pattern has proven to increase attendee engagement / value, even if it sounds less appealing to end on a Wednesday.

Engineers over evangelists, practitioners over trainers / coaches, team leads over consultants

Many conferences go for the easy to get conference circuit speakers. Do you go to a conference to hear from a “speaker” or an expert peer? Is the speaker doing it day to day or just talking about it? Are they an implementer? Engineer over evangelist, team lead over coach/consultant - this has been a hallmark of our QCon’s and we’re redoubling on this vision for QCon London next year.

“Bleeding edge for the Enterprise”

We have found our identity - QCon is a conference where leaders in companies that tend to be in the early adopter or early majority when adopting new technologies or practices, can come and learn from their expert peers in innovator and early adopter companies. You all want to know what’s happening in the coolest engineering teams from Silicon Valley and abroad - QCon is where you can learn what the best companies are doing internally. Therefore, tracks and topics at QCons are selected with a singular focus on those that early adopter and early majority in software development would be actively interested in learning about right now, presented by real engineers in companies that were early to try out new things.

Gluten-free and insanely healthy food

Many tech conferences don’t pay attention to the little things like food quality, meanwhile QCon NY and SF has gone paleo with many healthy vegan options for the last couple of years, to rave reviews by our attendees. QCon London will feature this same attention to detail, in addition to adding non-stop coffee and tea service throughout the conference.

Super attention to details - a conference that cares

From badges that are designed to make it easier for you to meet people, to non-stop coffee service, the shortest registration queues in the industry, and never a sponsored talk in our committee-organized tracks - QCon goes the extra mile in all respects to care about you and ensure you have a great experience!

A social network for developers

QCon is run by developers and we treat each conference like a release. One of the innovations on the tech side this year is a social network for attendees to connect with each other and share problems and solutions. We’ll be launching this months before the conference even starts, and it will also improve the attendee experience during the event.

A schedule builder and improved mobile-web experience, built in-house and fully integrated into our conf site is coming to QCon London 2016.

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“One Big City, Two Great Conferences”

QCon London
3 days conf, 2 days tutorial - March 7-11 2016 - 1,200 attendees. Run by who runs QCon SF, NY, São Paulo, Rio, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo.

GOTO London
3 days conf, 2 days tutorial - September 14-18 2015 - 400 attendees. Run by Trifork, who runs GOTO Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Chicago, Berlin, FlowCon, Scala days.

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