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InfoQ Homepage News ZenHub is now Integrated with GitHub Enterprise

ZenHub is now Integrated with GitHub Enterprise

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ZenHub is a collaboration and project management tool integrated with GitHub. Their latest version is integrated with GitHub Enterprise.

ZenHub offers a Chrome extension that waits for the browser to navigate to GitHub pages and injects some code to extend their functionality. The user never leaves GitHub while using ZenHub. They plan to support other browsers besides Chrome.

ZenHub provides a Kanban-like Task Board for managing issues, dragging and dropping them between pipelines. Multiple repositories can be combined in a task board, enabling the user to manage the issues without having to switch between repos. ZenHub comes with milestones and Burndown charts for tracking velocity during sprints. It also includes a File Uploader storing the data on AWS, a +1 feedback tool, notifications and filters.

ZenHub Enterprise is integrated with GitHub Enterprise, enabling the users to run the tool on their own servers behind the corporate firewall. GitHub Enterprise 2.3 was recently announced with new administration API, improved monitoring, easier data migration, filtering pull request by status, and other features.

Like GitHub, ZenHub is free for open source projects. The paid subscription includes unlimited repositories and file uploads, plus support.

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