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InfoQ Homepage News QCon London 2016 Tracks Announced and Registrations off to a fast start!

QCon London 2016 Tracks Announced and Registrations off to a fast start!

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Registration for QCon London 2016 is well underway, and, as what seems to be the trend this year with QCons around the world, ticket sales are off to a brisk pace. QCon is a family of international practitioner-driven conferences designed for people influencing innovation in their teams.

New this year to QCon London is an extra concurrent track (each day) for 2016. That means three new tracks to bring the total track (or conference themes) number up to 18. More tracks means more content to pick from. Here are QCon London’s 2016 tracks:

  • Back to Java - What to expect in Java 9 and Spring 5
  • Architectures You've Always Wondered about - Case studies from: Google, Linkedin, Alibaba, Twitter, and more...
  • Disrupting Finance - Technology advances in finance (blockchain, P2P, Machine Learning, API's)
  • Data Streaming @ Scale with Spark - Big data, fast-moving data. Practical implementation lessons on Real-time Data with Spark
  • Close to the Metal - Get efficiency back into your code, concepts like: cache efficient algorithm and lock free data structures
  • Modern Native Languages - Modern native languages: Safe efficiency with Go, Rust, Swift
  • Containers (in production) - Real-world lessons on scalability and reliability in production container deployments
  • Modern CS in the real world - Real-world Industry adoption of modern CS ideas
  • Full Stack Javascript - Level up Javascript with topics like Angular, React/ReactNative, Node, Mongo/Couch/Other, Falcor, GraphQL, etc
  • DevOps & CI/CD - Lessons/stories on optimizing the deployment pipeline
  • Security, Incident Response & Fraud Detection - Master-level classes on building security into your system and responding to incidents when things go wrong
  • Head-to-Tail Functional Languages - Free-range Monads, Tackling immutability, tales from production, and more...
  • Data Science & Machine Learning Methods - A developer's data science and machine learning toolkit
  • Optimizing You - Keeping life in balance is always a challenge. Learning lifehacks
  • Microservices for Mega-Architectures - Practical lessons on Microservices success
  • Architecting for Failure - Your system will fail. Take control before it takes you with it
  • Modern Agile Development - Revisiting Agile today and tackling challenges we are seeing in the wild
  • 21st Century Culture - New ways to organise technology companies and workplace culture

QCon concludes with a two-day focus on technical training. Early confirmations on for technical training include workshops on:

  • Software Architecture Fundamentals by Neal Ford -- Three-part workshop that cover the journey from developer to architect and culminates with a architecture katas.
  • Building Great Teams: Culture and Core Protocols by Richard Kasperowski -- Agile coach and Harvard lecturer Richard Kasperowski dives deeply into an experiential workshop focused on the behavior patterns of successful teams.
  • Introduction to Docker and Advanced Docker & Container Orchestration by Jérôme Petazzoni -- Jérôme from Docker returns to QCon to offer two individual workshops on Introduction to Docker and Advanced Docker. The Advanced Docker workshop will focus on advanced concepts to include the upcoming release of Docker Swarm 1.0

You can save up to £470 if you register before Oct 31st.

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