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InfoQ Homepage News QConSF Nov 16-18: So much new… Where to Start

QConSF Nov 16-18: So much new… Where to Start

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QCon San Francisco, a practitioner-driven conference designed for people influencing innovation in their software development teams, is fast approaching, and, with are so many new things, it’s hard to know what to report. With just 18 days until the start of the conference, QCON organizers are busy making final preparations to deliver yet more new innovations to 2015. This news posts reviews new QCon features for 2015.

QCon San Francisco 2015 features keynotes from:

QCon 25% Female!
QCon San Francisco set another milestone in 2015. 1 of every 4 speakers, track-hosts, and committee members are Women! Incredible female practitioners at QCon this year, include:

IoT Voting Box Experiment
Your vote counts -  QCon traditionally runs red-yellow-green exit polls outside each session where attendees drop a coloured slip of paper into a bucket. For 2015, we are working with ThoughtWorks on designing new hardware so attendees can scan their badge on a red yellow or green surface to register their vote. The box will be deployed outside of one track per day at QConSF, and be scaled to all tracks at future QCon’s after the prototype is proven in San Francisco this year.  

Schedule Builder
The final schedule has been fixed by the program committee. Attendees will get their login information in the following days. Visit the schedule page to start working on your own customized schedule. The Schedule Builder is new to QCon San Francisco this year. Simply make sure you are logged into the site and each schedule click turns the block yellow. These items are saved under your profile, and you are off to creating your own custom schedule for QCon.

More Tracks == More Content
An extra track has been added to QCon San Francisco on each of the conferences 3 days. That means 3 new tracks (or 18 new sessions) to bring the total track number up to 18. More tracks means more content to choose from. QConSF 2015 is bigger.

China Tech Day
QCon (and it’s sister brand InfoQ) runs annually in Beijing and Shanghai, and the InfoQ CN team is organizing track China Tech Day, featuring some of China’s largest tech companies, including Tencent, Baidu, etc.    Alibaba talks will also be in the Architecture’s You’ve Always Wondered About and Streaming Data @ Scale tracks.

In-Demand Workshops for the Valley
Just about all of the QCon San Francisco workshops have been sold out. However, some great opportunities still exist. You know that go-lang has spread like wild-fire. QCon offer’s a full day expert-level tutorial taught by Kevin Gillette of AdanLabs. QCon offers a chance to learn new skills and experience new things. Hardcore Go is a great example!

QCon Product Manager
QCon has added a permanent position of QCon Product Manager and Community Advocate. This role is a technical member of the conference committee. Wesley Reisz, a 13-year Solution Architect veteran from HP and Adjunct Professor for the University of Louisville, joined the team and actively engages with speakers and the QCon community to improve the quality of all talks, and ultimately the attendee experience.

This year’s sessions are amazing! I’m really excited to see some of the Chinese companies bringing new ideas to learn from. The addition of the Design Thinking and .NET track really offers breadth to the conference regulars of Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About and Werner Schuster’s Modern Languages in Practice. Can’t tell you enough how exciting this year’s QConSF will be. - Wesley Reisz

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