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InfoQ Homepage News IBM Extends its Cloud Data Analytics Services

IBM Extends its Cloud Data Analytics Services

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IBM has announced four new data services: Analytics Exchange, Compose Enterprise, Graph, and Predictive Analytics. IBM’s new data services are meant to enable users to analyze their own data or get access to datasets provided by IBM. While some of the services run on Bluemix, for others the data can be deployed on other clouds, including private ones.

Analytics Exchange. This service includes over 150 public datasets with data categories spanning from Communications, to Economy, Geography, Government, Transportation and others. For example, it includes statistics on mobile phone subscriptions worldwide. Or statistics on waterways across all countries of the world. Currently in beta, this service with all its datasets can be explored in more detail here.

Compose Enterprise. This service is based on Compose’s offering, a company acquired by IBM, and will be made available in early March, according to an IBM spokesperson who talked to InfoQ. This service includes a number of databases - MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB, etcd -, and message queuing via RabbitMQ. Users will be able to install the service on IBM Softlayer, on an AWS cluster or on dedicated servers.

Graph. This is a managed graph database service built on Apache TinkerPop3 useful for creating recommendation engines, fraud detection and social network analysis. It supports TinkerPop3’s query language or a simplified RESTful API. This service is available as beta on IBM Bluemix.

Predictive Analytics. This service was built on IBM’s SPSS analytics platform and can be integrated into applications to provide predictive analytics. The service runs on a Bluemix instance, and it is integrated with a number of Bluemix runtimes -Node.js, Liberty for Java, Go, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Ruby Sinatra – but it can be accessed from anywhere through a RESTful web API.

IBM offers users the option to load and analyze their own data on Bluemix providing a “suite of data refinery services for loading data, cleansing addresses, profiling data, and classifying data that simplifies the importing and exporting of data between services.”

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