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InfoQ Homepage News QCon NY: 4 Confirmed Keynotes, Google/NASA/Uber/And More Abstracts Posted, Final Workshops Confirmed

QCon NY: 4 Confirmed Keynotes, Google/NASA/Uber/And More Abstracts Posted, Final Workshops Confirmed

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QCon New York returns for its 5th annual software conference at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott June 13-17, 2016.

An annual software conference designed for software architects/tech leads/leaders who influence innovation in their teams, QCon New York strives to achieve a mission helping software development teams adopt new technologies and practices. QCon New York is expected to grow in 2016 to an attendee base of 800 (it’s largest New York conference yet) and that doesn’t include the over 100 speakers, trackhosts, and committee members who guide and direct the conference.

QCon New York is organized by a committee of six software architects and CTO's. These recognized software leaders curate an invite-only expert practitioners speaker list to talk about innovations and early adoption efforts at some of the world’s leading software companies like Uber, Google, Twitter, and Netflix.

As review of the site at shows QCon has some impressive keynotes this year. The keynotes include well known names in software and inspirational speakers discussing things like engineering in Mars exploration.

The 2016 QCon New York keynote speakers are:

  • Eric Brewer (Creator of the CAP Theorem, VP Infrastructure @Google, Professor of Computer Science @UCBerkeley)
  • John Allspaw (CTO @Etsy and previously of @Flickr)
  • Shuman Ghosemajumder (VP of Product at Shape Security, previously the Click Czar @Google)
  • Anita Sengupta (Aerospace Engineer Developing ISS ColdAtomLab @NASA)

Content at QCon is organized into 15 individual tracks that attendees can choose from. Each track is selected by that committee of architects/CTO and are hand-chosen expert practitioners called trackhosts. The trackhosts curate the technical content for their individual tracks. 

Here are some of the newest names invited to the conference by QCon trackhosts:

  • Mads Torgersen (C# Language PM @Microsoft)
  • Neha Narkhede (Co-Creator of Kakfa & Head of Engineering @Confluent)
  • Matt Ranney (Chief Systems Architect @Uber, Co-founder @Voxer)
  • Gil Tene (CTO and Co-Founder of @AzulSystems)
  • Evelina Gabasova (Bioinformatics Machine Learning Researcher @Cambridge_Uni)
  • Caitie McCaffrey (Distributed Systems Engineer @Twitter)
  • Adrian Cockcroft (Technology Fellow @BatteryVentures best known for Microservice/Cloud Architectures @Netflix)

You can find the most updated list of QCon New York speakers online.

With 5 editorial tracks and 1 sponsored track each day planned this year for QCon New York, the hardest problem attendees face is which of the compelling sessions to attend. Luckily, all content (that is allowed to be recorded) is available within days for all of the conference attendees to watch online as part of the price of admittance.  

A quick glimpse through the online schedule includes sessions like:

Attending a conference is often a chance to add to your skillset by also attending a technical workshop. QCon offers in demand training expected at software conferences today, but goes a step further by offering one of a kind training opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you are a senior dev moving into an architecture role or just looking for a master class on Git delivered by engineers from Github, QCon New York has some great workshops.

Here are the QCon New York 2016 Workshops offerings:

  1. Git Master Class by Github by Katrina Uychaco & Michelle Tilley
    Software Engineers @Github
  2. Software Architecture Fundamentals by Neal Ford
    Director & Software Architect @ThoughtWorks
  3. Microservices with Spring Boot and Docker by Chris Richardson
    Java Champion and Author of POJOs in Action
  4. Awesome Postmortems by Yulia Sheynkman, Dave Zwieback
    Leadership Development Coach & Head of Engineering at Pandora’s Next Big Sound team
  5. Modeling for Architects by Nate Schutta
    Software architect focused on user interface design
  6. Core Angular 2 - with ES6 & TypeScript by Daniel Zen
    CEO of, founder of the New York AngularJS Meetup
  7. Building Microservices with Go by Peter Bourgon
    Author of Go kit, Engineer @Weaveworks
  8. Web Performance Optimization by Sergey Chernyshev
    Sr. Manager, Front-end Development, Bed Bath & Beyond
  9. Streaming analytics & recommendations pipelines with Spark et al by Chris Fregly
    Principal Data Solutions Engineer at IBM Spark Technology Center
  10. ASync Programming in JS: The End of the Loop by Jafar Husain
    Cross-Team UI Technical Lead @Netflix
  11. Understanding Latency & Application Responsiveness by Gil Tene
    CTO and co-founder @AzulSystems
  12. Containing Container Chaos with Kubernetes By Bret McGowen
    Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform @Google
  13. Java 8 Live: Refactoring with Trisha Gee
    Trisha Gee, Java Champion, Morphia Committer, and Developer Advocate @JetBrains
  14. Lean Thinking and Kanban for Agile Teams
    William Evans
  15. Scaling Technology and Organizations Together
    Randy Shoup, VP Engineering at Stitch Fix, Previously of Google and Ebay
  16. Kafka Workshop
    By: Coming soon

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Registration is $2,085 ($440 off) for the 3-day conference if you register before April 23rd. Register now to receive the best rate available.

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