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InfoQ Homepage News ZeroTurnaround Releases RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report

ZeroTurnaround Releases RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report

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Today, ZeroTurnaround's RebelLabs released their biannual developer productivity report for 2016, which asked over 2000 respondents what their tools of the trade were. These included questions on IDEs, build tools, libraries, and whether they were more or less likely to be ahead of the trend as early adopters, or laggards in the form of technology sheep.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the version control system wars are uncontroversially over, with Git holding the de-facto space for projects used by respondents. SVN continues to decline at a rate matching the adoption of Git, while CVS and Mercurial continue to asymptotically approach zero.

Graph showing VCS usage and Git being the primary version control system

The build tool usage continues to show Maven dominant (and rising) in the automated build systems, with Gradle ascending slowly as Ant's demise continues.

Slightly more controversially, the respondents have also moved from Eclipse as their primary IDE to using IntelliJ (who just released a new version 2016.2 of their subscription package today). The respondents generally show themselves correlated with technology adopters, and generally IntelliJ has better support for new languages and JavaScript frameworks when they initially come out. However with Eclipse Neon's recent release addressing performance and new features, two years time might show a different story.

Finally, the report also shows that Java 8 has finally taken the crown as the most used version of Java, although Java EE continues to slide and be replaced by Spring services. For more information, read the full report.

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