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InfoQ Homepage News Visual Studio 2017 Update Focuses on Stability

Visual Studio 2017 Update Focuses on Stability

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The redesigned installer and setup engine included in Visual Studio 2017 is designed to allow Microsoft to rapidly deploy changes to their flagship development software.  Benefits of this approach are already appearing as the first named update to VS2017 is available only one month after its initial rollout. 

This update, denoted version 15.1, indicates that Microsoft is primarily focused on improving the stability of the product.  Joining these enhancements is UWP app development support for the Windows 10 Creators Update and the release of a standalone Visual Studio Team Explorer 2017.  Team Explorer is available to all users and is designed as a lightweight tool that enables the user to access Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services without having to perform (or license) a full installation of VS2017.

Developers not interested in the Windows 10 advancements may still find the update useful as it includes Xamarin workbooks, which include documentation and executable code.  These make it easier to learn about new language syntax and concepts.  VS2017’s partnership with Redgate Data Tools has also been expanded to bring SQL code completion to queries opened outside of SQL Server Object Explorer, making that functionality easier to access.

Quickly following on the heels of this 15.1 update, Microsoft has already released a new build (26403.03) which addresses problems with language encoding in non-English versions of the installer, the inability to open Visual Studio Online project links, inability to open solutions containing a large number of projects, and VS2017 update failures.

Full release notes are available on Microsoft’s website for those seeking additional details.  VS2017 can be updated from within the IDE itself or downloaded from Microsoft.

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