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InfoQ Homepage News .NET Framework 4.7 Now Generally Available

.NET Framework 4.7 Now Generally Available

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.NET Framework 4.7 debuted with the release of Windows 10 Creators Edition, and has now entered general availability meaning users of previous Windows versions now have the ability to install it.  Supporting Windows 7 SP1 through Windows 10 Anniversary Update, .NET Framework 4.7 provides several new features including support for C#7 and VB15, bug fixes, and expanded cryptography support. 

The offline installer is available in addition to the typical web-based version.  It should be noted that installing this framework on these versions of Windows requires the presence of D3DCompiler_47.dll which is typically not found by default on Windows 7SP1, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2012.  It must be installed on a per OS basis via one of the following specific packages:

This DLL must be installed prior to installing .NET Framework 4.7, or else installation will not be successful.  Given the need for a two step installation, some users have asked as to whether or not a single installer will be provided; as Microsoft’s Rich Lander explains, this integration will not be provided.  However, Lander goes on to note that the DLL will become available through Windows Update this month for all versions of Windows supported by .NET Framework 4.7, thus eliminating the need for a separate download.

A full list of changes has been provided, as well as a list of known issues.  

[Updated 5/5 to provide details on DLL component.]

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