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InfoQ Homepage News QCon San Francisco 2017 Tickets on Sale; Committee Announced; Top Podcasts & Top Talks from 2016

QCon San Francisco 2017 Tickets on Sale; Committee Announced; Top Podcasts & Top Talks from 2016

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QCon San Francisco, the 11th annual Bay Area software conference that attracts attendees from all over the world, returns to the Silicon Valley area November 13-15, 2017 and tickets are officially on sale.

Each QCon is individually organized by a committee of senior software leaders across a wide spectrum of technology. These architects and leaders are charged with creating THE conference they would want to attend. The 18 topics will be announced in the next few weeks.

The 2017 QCon San Francisco committee members include:

  • Monica Beckwith (JVM Perf & previously G1GC perf lead @Oracle)
  • Randy Shoup (VP Engineering at StitchFix, previously @Google, @eBay, & more)
  • Sid Anand (Data Architect @AgariInc, previously Engineering VP @Etsy, Search Architect @LinkedIn, and Cloud Architect @Netflix)
  • Marty Weiner (CTO @Reddit & formerly 2nd engineer @Pinterest)
  • Jarrod Overson (Engineering Director @ShapeSecurity & JavaScript Expert)
  • Werner Schuster (Software Developer @Wolfram_Alpha)

If you’re curious about the caliber of talks found at QCon, a good place to start is the InfoQ Podcast. The InfoQ podcast is a weekly discussion with industry leaders you’ll commonly find speaking at QCon (and writing for InfoQ). Both QCon and InfoQ are practitioner-driven and curated content. Podcasts are available covering a variety of topics of general interest to architects, such as:

Additionally, while all videos are immediately available to conference attendees at QCon, the sessions are released publicly each week to InfoQ and made freely available to the community. Two popular talks from QCon London 2017 (held this past March) were recently published. These talks, by Alasdair Allen (IoT Security Professional) and Jim Webber (Chief Scientist @Neo4j) give great insight into what sessions look like at QCon. Allen’s keynote focused on security and IoT and was called Security War Stories: The Battle for the Internet of Things. Webber’s session was on Causal Consistency for Large Neo4j Clusters. You can visit InfoQ’s Session Videos page for the conference to see the rest of the videos as they are released.

If those talks are not enough, you can revisit the best talks of last year’s QCon San Francisco online. has the full videos from last year’s conference. Here are some of the top talks from last year.

  1. How Slack Works - Keith Adams
  2. The History and Future of Wearable Computing and Virtual Experience - Amber Case
  3. What Comes after Microservices? - Matt Ranney
  4. ETL is Dead; Long-Live Streams - Neha Narkhede
  5. Building a Microservices Platform with Kubernetes - Matthew Mark Miller
  6. Twitch Plays Pokémon: Twitch's Chat Architecture - John Rizzo
  7. What Google Learned about Creating Effective Teams - Matt Sakaguchi
  8. Stranger Things: The Forces that Disrupt Netflix - Haley Tucker
  9. Maximizing Human Potential - Vivienne Ming
  10. Mastering Chaos - A Netflix Guide to Microservices - Josh Evans

In addition to the three full days of technical content, QCon San Francisco 2017 offers two bonus days of workshops just after the conference. These workshops, like the rest of the conference, focus on the type of training architects and senior developers want to learn. Take a look at the types of workshops being offered at QCon New York to get an idea of what’s coming for San Francisco.

QCon is organized by the people behind and provides a platform for innovators and early adopters to share their stories in hotbeds of software development like Beijing, London, New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and San Francisco.

Registration is $1,695 ($355 off) for the three-day conference if you register before May 20th. Register now to receive the best rate available.

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