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InfoQ Homepage News Crucial Patch for Visual Studio 2017 Released

Crucial Patch for Visual Studio 2017 Released

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Anyone using Visual Studio 2017 for F# development or using the Git tools with all languages should ensure that they have upgraded to the newest 15.3.1 release.  Closely following last week's significant 15.3 release, this update includes a needed fix for F# developers as well as an important security fix to address a Git vulnerability that allows for remote code execution.


Most F# developers will be affected by a flaw in 15.3 which causes Enter, Backspace, and the Arrow keys to work intermittently.  Compounding these difficulties is the additional problem that opening an existing solution with open documents will cause those editing keys to not work in those open documents either. 


Developers that use Git as part of VS2017 should also upgrade to 15.3.1 as it fixes a serious security flaw that permits arbitrary code execution.  Merely performing a clone of a compromised repository can cause this vulnerability to be exploited, and so it is important for VS2017 users to upgrade as soon as possible.  (It should be noted that this is not a VS2017-only flaw, developers should ensure that all of their tooling based on Git has been patched.)  Fortunately, according to Microsoft’s Edward Thomson, this vulnerability does not affect VS2015 or older.


VS2017 may be upgraded per the usual locations or from within VS2017 itself.


Update (August 24 2017):  Since publication, Microsoft has released another point release, 15.3.2, which includes the fixes above as well as a few bug fixes.  Release notes for available for further details.

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