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Codefresh Releases CLI for Kubernetes

Codefresh has released a Command Line Interface (CLI) allowing users to operate Codefresh remotely and access the Codefresh API from inside Docker pipelines or a local machine.

Codefresh is a Docker-native continuous delivery and DevOps platform that builds, tests and deploys Docker images to Kubernetes clusters, offering continuous unit, integration, and UI testing and deployment to cloud. Kubernetes is an open-source platform for automating the deployment, scaling and management of application containers such as Docker.

Raziel Tabib, co-founder and CEO of Codefresh said:

Codefresh provides a front end to the DevOps toolchain and this release exposes that functionality in a command line tool. It's a personal preference, but you can find a significant part of the community that prefers command line interface over the user interface. It allows users to do things they could not do with the Kubernetes command line.

The CLI enables the creation of matrix pipelines that can run the same pipeline multiple times in parallel with different values; for example, building and testing a release for several different architectures at once. It can also manage images from multiple registries by exposing connected Docker registries and making it possible to add annotations and search and review all images. Additionally, the CLI can install and upgrade Helm charts and work with them on Codefresh connected Kubernetes clusters - Helm is a Kubernetes package manager. The Codefresh CLI has been developed and built with node.js.

Helm charts make it possible to automate processes such as auto-provisioning an application, running integration tests against it and making canary deployments. Codefresh users can employ the platform inside of continuous delivery pipelines; instead of pushing software changes to a staging server and running tests, the automated pipeline can spin up an environment on demand and load the application for tests.

The CLI executable can be downloaded from the project's GitHub, using npm/yarn package managers or via shell completions. The CLI can also be run using Codefresh's Docker image on DockerHub.

Codefresh will be working to incorporate two other open source projects in 2018:

  1. Istio, a proxy and a microservices management layer on top of Kubernetes that, used along with Helm charts, will enable users to set up deployment strategies such as canary and blue/green.
  2. Open source monitoring solution, Prometheus will allow users to check application health.

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