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InfoQ Homepage News Tracks Announced! QCon London 2019 (March 4-8, 2019)

Tracks Announced! QCon London 2019 (March 4-8, 2019)

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QCon returns to the City for the 13th annual software conference March 4-6, 2019.

QCon is a conference for senior software engineers and architects on the patterns, practices, and use cases leveraged by the world's most innovative software shops. We're happy to officially announce the topics for this year's conference:

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About - Ever wondered how they do it? Next-gen architectures from the most admired companies in software, such as Netflix, Google, BBC, Twitter, & more.
  • Architecting for Failure: Chaos, Complexity, and Resilience - Making systems resilient involves people and tech. Learn about strategies being used from chaos testing to distributed system clustering.
  • JavaScript: Powering the Modern Web - Explore the frameworks that make JavaScript so popular, and learn how JavaScript-based languages are evolutionising frontend (and backend) development.
  • Don't $%@! Up the Culture - Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion. How do you maintain culture as you scale?
  • AI/Machine Learning without a PhD - AI/ML is more approachable than ever. Discover how deep learning and ML is being used in practice. Topics include: TensorFlow, TPUs, Keras, PyTorch, & more. No PhD required.
  • Career Hacking - Strategies for advancing the skills that advance your career. Look for mentoring, speaking, empathy, and career paths.
  • Security from First Principles - How do you actually start with a security mindset? Learn techniques for making security a first-class concern.
  • Bare Knuckle Performance - Killing latency and getting the most out of your hardware
  • Evolving Java & the JVM - six month cadence, cloud-native deployments, scale, Graal, Kotlin, and beyond. Learn how the role of Java and the JVM is evolving.
  • Languages for Specific Domains - We're polyglot developers. Learn languages that excel at very specific tasks and remove the undifferentiated heavy lifting in their specific domain.
  • Modern Operating Systems - Decompose the modern operating system, LinuxKit, Containers, Unikernals, eBPF, and more.
  • Modern CS in the Real World - Rediscover CS in this applied track on how research is affecting software today.
  • Architecting for the Cloud / Streaming Architectures - Cloud native architectures is a reality. Hear the war stories. learn the benefits, and dodge some of the pitfalls of running on the cloud.
  • Production Readiness: Operational Microservices - What's the last mile for deploying your service? Learn techniques from the world's most innovative shops on operating microservices.
  • DevOps / DevEx Practices - Remove developer friction: CI/CD, fluent API, service meshes... anything that removes the friction in deploying & operating a system.
  • Surviving Uncertainty: GDPR, Brexit, or Politics? Beyond DR - With so much uncertainty, how do you bulkhead your organization and technology choices? Learn strategies for dealing with uncertainty today.
  • Advances in FinTech - Finance is king in London. What's happening and what should you be paying attention to with modern #FinTech.
  • Tech Ethics: The Intersection of Human Welfare & STEM - What does it mean to be ethical in software? Hear how the discussion is evolving and what is being said in ethics today.

Tracks, track hosts, and sessions are selected by a team of engineering leaders and architects from around the software industry. This year's organizing committee includes:

QCon London 2018 Top Watched Talks Online

If you missed them or just want to revisit some of last year's best talks, you can find the full videos on Here are some of the top talks from last year.

Following QCon London 2018, InfoQ (the creators of QCon) produced a QCon London 2018 Special Report. This article summarizes the key takeaways and highlights from QCon London 2018 as blogged and tweeted by attendees.

QCon London is part of a family of international software conferences that span the globe in places like San Francisco, Beijing, Sao Paulo (Brazil), and New York. In all, QCon brings leading software development practices and techniques to seven cities worldwide. By focusing on senior developers and architects, clearly separating marketing content from editorial, and an average attendee to speaker ratio of around 11 to 1, QCon has developed a reputation as the conference that puts developers first.

Registration is £1,289 ($580 off) for the three-day conference if you register by Oct 27th.

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