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InfoQ Homepage News New Docker Hub Merges Together Docker Cloud and Docker Store

New Docker Hub Merges Together Docker Cloud and Docker Store

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Docker has released a new Docker Hub experience that combines the previous Docker Store, Docker Cloud, and Docker Hub functionality into one location. This provides users with a single experience for finding, storing, and sharing container images. Verified and certified images and plugins are now available through Docker Hub. They have also released improvements to the automated build feature.

With the release of the new Docker Hub experience, you can now filter your container search results by Official, Verified Publisher, and Certified images. Official images and plugins are still maintained by Docker. Verified Publisher images are vetted by Docker but provided and maintained by third-party providers. This release also brings Certified Images which are a special class of Verified images that pass additional scrutiny including: Docker Enterprise support, meeting Docker's container best practices, passing a test suite, and completing a vulnerability scan.

This release brings a new automated build process to Docker Hub. This includes build caching, environment variables, and the ability to run tests in your build. These changes are not automatically available to builds created before this release, which are now known as Classic Automated builds. Docker indicates that they will be automatically converting all classic builds to their new style at some point. In the interim, you may need to re-link your GitHub or Bitbucket account to enable the new features.

Other improvements that were released include allowing organization owners the ability to see permissions across all repositories. The repositories tool was further enhanced by adding the ability to view recently pushed tags and automated builds, pagination, and improved filtering.

Screenshot of Docker Hub repositories page

Docker Hub updated repositories experience (credit: Docker)


According to Jeff Morgan, product manager at Docker:

"We've designed this Docker Hub update to bring together the features that users of each product know and love the most, while addressing known Docker Hub requests around ease of use, repository and team management."

Docker is interested in your thoughts and feedback on the improvements.

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