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InfoQ Homepage News QCon New York 2019 Is Only Weeks Away: Learn from Julia Grace, Brian Goetz, Armon Dadger and Others!

QCon New York 2019 Is Only Weeks Away: Learn from Julia Grace, Brian Goetz, Armon Dadger and Others!

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QCon New York (June 24-26, 2019) isn't just a software conference; it's the software conference where leading technology organisations like Slack, Google, Uber, and Netflix open their doors and share their engineering successes and failures. QCon is the place where senior software engineers, tech leads, and architects come together to learn, share, and push each other to drive forward innovation in the software industry.

What makes QCon New York so special?
Over 1200 software engineers come together for technical talks, panels, "ask me anythings" (AMAs), open spaces, and networking at QCon. Combining full access to speakers, prioritization of content from practitioners over evangelists, and a relentless pursuit to separate vendor pitches from technical knowledge sharing, QCon is the tribe for senior software engineers.

Julia Grace (Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering @Slack) is just one example of the over 105 speakers you'll find at QCon New York this year.

Julia Grace
Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering @Slack

Scaling Infrastructure Engineering at Slack

In August of 2016, I was asked to build Slack’s first Infrastructure engineering organization. The company was a little over two years old, and we were approaching the scalability limits of the original infrastructure written by the founders several years prior. Things were starting to break in strange, and unpredictable ways...

[Read the rest of Julia Grace's Abstract Online]

It doesn't stop there. Some of the thought leaders you'll find at QCon New York 2019 include:

  • Brian Goetz (The Java Language Architect @Oracle) discussing Java Futures
  • Ashley Williams (Core Rust & Rust Wasm WG Team) discussing WebAssembly
  • Peter Mattis (CockroachDB maintainer, Co-founder & CTO @CockroachDB) discussing geo distributed databases
  • Alex Beutel (Senior Research Scientist @Google & Contributing Author of the Google Machine Learned Index Paper) discussing machine learned indexes from Google Research
  • Colm MacCárthaigh (Senior Principal Engineer @AWSCloud Building EC2, S3, ELB, & Route53) discussing control theory and PID loops in software systems
  • Armon Dadgar (Co-Founder and CTO @Hashicorp) discussing distributed systems
  • Laura Nolan (Site Reliability Engineer @Slack, Contributor to "Seeking SRE", & SRECon Steering Committee) on black swans & system reliability
  • In total, over 105 software engineering leaders who will be speaking over three days at QCon New York

For over eight years, QCon New York has brought together practitioners driving innovation in software. It takes place at the second largest hotel in Manhattan, the New York Marriott Marquis, located in the heart of Times Square.

Want more? Try the QCon workshops

QCon also offers a wide reach of workshops on the two days following the conference. Take a look at the options from which you can choose:

The QCon team actively seeks feedback, and recent evaluations have helped drive the creation of a unique event within the technology leadership space:

QCon is unlike any other tech conference I've attended. There are several tracks to choose from, but not an overwhelming number of attendees, so it's easy to gain knowledge about a variety of topics, open your mind to new ideas, find inspiration to solve engineering challenges and chat with a lot of smart & thoughtful people. I was impressed by the conscious inclusion of many women and LGBTQ speakers—that meant a lot to me personally and made QCon even better by spotlighting a diverse range of perspectives.

Tyler Collins, Senior Developer @University of Kentucky

Registration is $2,575 ($260 off) for the three-day conference if you register by June 1st. InfoQ readers can get an extra $100 off with code "INFOQNY19"

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