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InfoQ Homepage News QCon SF 19: Biggest Savings Deadline (July 27th) & Track Host Announcement

QCon SF 19: Biggest Savings Deadline (July 27th) & Track Host Announcement

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QCon San Francisco (Nov 11-15) is the conference for senior software engineers and architects to learn about the patterns, practices and use cases leveraged by the world’s most innovative software organizations, such as Google, Netflix, BBC, AWS, Microsoft, and GitHub. By registering before July 27 you can save $750 on the full three-day conference pass. Don’t miss the chance to gain insights and experiences from over 140 practitioner-speakers who can help you identify the right technology for your specific projects, guide you to avoid making the same mistakes they made, and kick-start the development of your skills in the latest software practices.

While QCon is a family of globally run software conferences, each event is individually organized by a team of senior software leaders charged with creating the software conference that they themselves would want to attend. For QCon San Francisco 2019, we’re proud to announce our committee members:

  • Aysylu Greenberg, Senior Software Engineer @Google
  • Phil Haack, Management & Leadership Coach @haacked, previously @Github & @Microsoft (Shipped NuGet & ASP.NET MVC)
  • Randy Shoup, VP Engineering @WeWork, Previously @StitchFix @Google & @Ebay
  • Monica Beckwith, Java VM Performance Architect @Arm, previously led Oracle's G1GC Performance Team
  • Werner Schuster, InfoQ Editor Functional Programming, QCon PC, Wolfram
  • Sid Anand, Chief Data Engineer @PayPal

Our program committee has already begun selecting the tracks for this year’s conference, and have invited the following track hosts to help curate our 2019 program:

  1. Katharina Probst, Senior Engineering Leader, Kubernetes & SaaS at Google. Track: Building & Scaling High-Performing Teams
  2. John Willis, Vice President of Devops and Digital Practices @SJTechnologies. Track: Practices of DevOps & Lean Thinking
  3. Joe Duffy, Founder and CEO @PulumiCorp. Track: Languages of Infra
  4. Harry Brumleve, Senior Director Of Engineering @HomeAdvisor. Track: Optimizing Yourself: Human Skills for Individuals
  5. Alex Qin, Founder @codecooperative. Track: Tech Ethics: The Intersection of Human Welfare & STEM

QCon San Francisco 2019’s Conference Chair, Wesley Reisz (VP of Technology at Section & Chair of the Linux Foundation’s Edge Landscape Working Group) records weekly podcasts with many of our past and present QCon speakers. You can get a taste of what to expect at the conference and listen to interviews with technology leaders like Ashley Williams (on WebAssembly, WASI, & the application edge), Johnny Xmas (on web security and the anatomy of a hack), Bryan Cantrill (on Rust and why he feels it’s the biggest change in systems development in his career), and nearly 100 others on InfoQ.

Please join us this November and find out why QCon is the place to learn about the major software development trends, and why the event has earned its reputation for being a conference of "practitioners talking to practitioners."  

Registration is $2,030 ($750 off) for the three-day conference if you register before July 27th.

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