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InfoQ Homepage News QCon San Francisco 2019 (Nov 11-15): ML, Stream Processing, Compiled JavaScript, iOS Security & More

QCon San Francisco 2019 (Nov 11-15): ML, Stream Processing, Compiled JavaScript, iOS Security & More

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QCon San Francisco is back this November! The conference features 18 curated tracks that contain over 120 speakers, and provides three full days of in-depth technical content delivered by practitioners. Designed for senior software professionals, QCon presentations provide the latest insight into designing and delivering global-scale architectures, operating microservices across a diverse range of platforms, leading teams, building effective culture, and of course, the latest in applied AI/ML.

Join your peers on November 11-15 for three days of conference sessions that run Monday to Wednesday, and two days of interactive workshops on Thursday and Friday. Learn how to accelerate the introduction of new technologies from the practitioners who have done this across a range of successful organisations.

QCon San Francisco Keynote: Discovering Culture through Artifacts

Announcing the QCon San Francisco 2019 keynote: 'Discovering Culture through Artifacts' by Engineering Leader, Frontend Infrastructure @Slack, Mike McGarr.

Behavior and values are two critical components to organizational culture; values denote what the organization believes in, and behaviors are rooted in those values. Every team, organization or community exposes "artifacts", or tangible hints, regarding the true nature of their culture. In this talk McGarr will discuss the numerous types of artifacts that can be used to gain a quick understanding of a culture within a software development team. He will also share a wealth of "experiences" (a subtle euphemism for failures) that have shaped his approach to learning about culture.

Mike McGarr currently leads Slack's Frontend Infrastructure team, who are focused on building a great JavaScript client. Prior to Slack, McGarr led Netflix's Developer Productivity team, which built tools and services to make engineers at Netflix more productive. McGarr is also one of the founders and co-organizers of the Productivity Engineering Silicon Valley meetup.

Speakers appearing at QCon San Francisco in November

Here are some of the speakers who will be sharing their practical insights this November:

Chris Riccomini

Distinguished Engineer @WePay

Talk: The Future of Data Engineering

Janet Bastiman

Chief Science Officer and AI Venture Partner @MMC_Ventures

Talk: From POC to Production in Minimal Time - Avoiding Pain in ML Projects

Omayeli Arenyeka

Software Engineer @LinkedIn

Talk: Building a Gendered Dictionary Using Data Analysis

Allen Wang

Architect & Engineer in Real-Time Data Infrastructure Team @Netflix

Talk: Monitoring and Tracing @Netflix Streaming Data Infrastructure

Amal Hussein

Senior Open Web Engineer @Bocoup

Talk: Goodbye View Source: Hello JavaScript in the Age of Compilers

Ivan Rodriguez

Software Engineer @Google

Talk: Exploiting Common iOS App Vulnerabilities

Coming soon: AI and ML Learning Paths at QCon San Francisco 2019

QCon isn't just about the three-day conference. We feature additional days that offer the opportunity to deep dive into a topic. New for QCon San Francisco 2019 will be AI and ML Learning Paths. These learning paths offer a structured, intensive, 2-day focused session on this emerging trend to help you develop your knowledge and skills. Keep an eye on the QCon San Francisco website for updates as we announce more details.

Registration is $2,245 for the three-day conference if you register before Sep 21st.

Save $535 by registering before September 21st!

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