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InfoQ Homepage News QCon London 2020 Tracks Announced! Join Us March 2 - 6, 2020

QCon London 2020 Tracks Announced! Join Us March 2 - 6, 2020


QCon London returns to the city for the 14th annual software conference March 2-6, 2020. Registration is now open with the lowest available pricing of the year. QCon is organized by the people behind InfoQ, and is dedicated to providing a platform for innovators and early adopters to tell their story in the epicenters of software development, like Beijing, London, New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and San Francisco.

The program committee for QCon London 2020 is pleased to announce the list of the 2020 conference tracks! Topics include evolving Java, Kubernetes and cloud, machine learning, next-generation microservices, leading distributed teams, and others.

The complete list of tracks for QCon London 2020 is as follows:

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About
    Hard-earned lessons from the names you know on scalability, reliability, security, and performance.
  • Machine Learning: The Latest Innovations
    AI and machine learning are more approachable than ever. Discover how ML, deep learning, and other modern approaches are being used in practice.
  • Kubernetes and Cloud Architectures
    Practical approaches and lessons learned for deploying systems into Kubernetes, cloud, and FaaS platforms.
  • Evolving Java
    JVM futures, JIT directions and improvements to the runtimes stack are the themes of this year's JVM track.
  • Next Generation Microservices: Building Distributed Systems the Right Way
    Microservice-based applications are everywhere, but well-built distributed systems are not so common. Early adopters of microservices share their insights on how to design systems the right way.
  • Chaos and Resilience: Architecting for Success
    Making systems resilient involves people and tech. Learn about strategies being used, from cognitive systems engineering to chaos testing.
  • The Future of the API: REST, gRPC, GraphQL and More
    The humble web-based API is evolving. This track provides the what, how, and why of future APIs.
  • Streaming Data Architectures
    Today's systems move huge volumes of data. Hear how the innovators in this space are designing systems and leveraging modern data stream processing platforms.
  • Modern Compilation Targets
    Learn about the innovation happening in the compilation target space. WebAssembly is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Leaving the Ivory Tower: Modern CS Research in the Real World
    Pushing software forward, including consensus, CRDTs, formal methods & probabilistic programming.
  • Bare Knuckle Performance
    Crushing latency and getting the most out of your hardware.
  • Leading Distributed Teams
    Remote and distributed working are increasing in popularity, but many organisations underestimate the leadership challenges. Learn from those who are doing this effectively.
  • Full Cycle Developers: Lead the People, Manage the Process & Systems
    "Full cycle developers" is not just another catchphrase; it's about engineers taking ownership and delivering value, and doing so with the support of their entire organisation. Learn more from the pioneers.
  • JavaScript: Pushing the Client beyond the Browser
    JavaScript is not just the language of the web. Join this track to learn how innovators are pushing the boundaries of this classic language and ecosystem.
  • When Things Go Wrong: GDPR, Ethics, & Politics
    Privacy, confidentiality, safety and security: learning from the frontlines, from both good and bad experiences.
  • Growing Unicorns in the EU: Building, Leading and Scaling Financial Tech Startups
    Learn how EU FinTech innovators have designed, built, and led both their technologies and organisations.
  • Building High-Performing Teams
    To have a high-performing team, everybody on it has to feel and act like an owner. Learn about cultivating culture, creating psychological safety, sharing the vision effectively, and more.
  • Scaling Security, from Device to Cloud
    Implementing effective security is vitally important, regardless of where you are deploying software applications.

The QCon conference tracks are curated to provide coverage of the most important topics in software today by an expert committee of leaders in the UK / EU software community, such as Daniel Bryant (Conference Chair for QCon London), Francine Bennett (Data Science Consultant), Peter Morgan (Chief Scientific Officer @Superbet), Finbarr Joy (Senior Technology Adviser @Superbet), Martijn Verburg (Principal Engineering Group Manager (Java) at Microsoft), Sarah Wells (Technical Director for Operations and Reliability @FT (Financial Times)), Wes Reisz (VP of Technology at Section) & Werner Schuster (InfoQ Editor Functional Programming, QCon PC, Wolfram).

QCon London 2019 Top Watched Talks Online

If you missed them or just want to revisit some of last year's best talks, you can find the full videos here. Here are some of the top talks from last year.

Following QCon London 2019, InfoQ produced a QCon London 2019 Special Report. This article summarizes the key takeaways and highlights from QCon London 2019, as blogged and tweeted by attendees.

What You Can Expect at QCon

QCon conferences are curated by practising software experts for practising software professionals. Read what some of our recent attendees had to say about the event:

I think the wide selection of speakers and very different tracks are really nice. You get to meet some of the industry leaders and experience the scale of what is really happening within our field. The London setting is also really nice and complements the busy and impressive "feeling" of the conference well.

- Marthinus Louw
Senior Engineer @InvestecAssetManagement

Registration costs just £1,375 (£615 off) for the three-day conference if you register before October 26th.

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