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InfoQ Homepage News QCon London - Keynotes & Workshops on Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Microservices, Docker

QCon London - Keynotes & Workshops on Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Microservices, Docker


QCon London is fast approaching. Join over 1,600 global software leaders this March 2-4. At the event you will experience:

  • A comprehensive range of talks that describe how industry leaders drive innovation and change within their organizations
  • A focus on real-world experiences, patterns, and practices (and not product pitches)
  • Implementable ideas for your projects and your teams

Keynotes for QCon London

The Internet of Things Might Have Less Internet Than We Thought?
Alasdair Allan, Scientist/Maker/Hacker.

Allan will look at the implications of machine learning on the edge, and the possible implications around privacy and security.

Interoperability of Open-Source Tools: The Emergence of Interfaces.
Katie Gamanji, Cloud Platform Engineer @condenastint.

Gamanji will explore the evolution of interfaces within the Kubernetes landscape, including networking, storage, service mesh, and cluster provisioning.

The Apollo Mindset: Making Mission Impossible, Possible
Richard Wiseman, author of The Luck Factor, and previously a consultant for National Geographic Channel's Brain Games, History's Your Bleeped Up Brain, & Discovery's MythBusters.

Wiseman's closing keynote will discuss the history of NASA's Apollo space missions.

10 Workshops in 2 Days

Following the 3-day conference, there will be an optional 2 days of 10 workshops:

  • Kubernetes Intensive Course with Jérôme Petazzoni (Staff Container & Infrastructure Engineer @enixsas)
  • Debugging Microservices Applications with Christian Posta (Global Field CTO @soloio_inc) and Nic Jackson (Developer Advocate @HashiCorp)
  • Apache Kakfa and ksqlDB in Action: Let's Build a Streaming Data Pipeline! with Robin Moffatt (Developer Advocate @confluentinc), Sven Erik Knop (Solutions Architect @ConfluentInc)
  • Microservices: Mapping & Implementation with Susanne Kaiser (CTO @JustSocialApps)

Heads up: workshops are selling out! These workshops are for senior engineers that are looking to adopt new technologies. If you're interested in a workshop, be sure to save your place soon.

New: AI and ML Learning Paths

New for QCon London 2020 are AI and ML Learning Paths taking place March 5-6. These learning paths offer a structured, intensive, 2-day focused session on this emerging trend to help you develop your knowledge and skills. Get hands-on experience and engage in practical assessments to apply your learning.

Registration is £1,670 (£320 off) for the 3-day conference if you register before Jan 25th

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