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InfoQ Homepage News Spectro Cloud Launches a Kubernetes-Based Hybrid Cloud Platform

Spectro Cloud Launches a Kubernetes-Based Hybrid Cloud Platform

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Spectro Cloud, an enterprise cloud-native infrastructure company, launched a platform for managing multiple distributions of Kubernetes. The Spectro Cloud platform provides customers with fine-grained control, flexibility and multi-cloud capabilities for their Kubernetes stack, including the ease of use and scalability of a managed SaaS platform.

The founders of Spectro were previously part of CliQr, a company that helped customers manage applications across hybrid cloud environments. In 2016 they sold the company to Cisco and started developing Spectro Cloud. Since January of this year, the product has been in private preview, and the company expects to bring it to general availability next quarter. 

Furthermore, the company recently raised an additional $7.5 million in funding from Sierra Ventures with participation from Boldstart Ventures. Managing director at Sierra Ventures, Mark Fernandes, said in the GlobeNewsWire article:

The market for Kubernetes has crossed the chasm. What we’ve heard from our CXO Advisory Board of Global 1000 IT executives is that enterprises are still struggling with the operational complexity that comes with Kubernetes. Spectro Cloud’s team has a deep understanding of the needs of enterprises and has found a unique way to make Kubernetes easy to use for its rapidly growing customer base.

And Saad Malik, co-founder and CTO of Spectro Cloud, told InfoQ:

Spectro Cloud offers modern enterprise IT the flexibility to build and run their Kubernetes infrastructure with the control they need. An infrastructure that just works allows teams to focus on delivering business value - with increased ops efficiency, reduced cost and faster time to market.

Spectro Cloud provides a declarative model for defining cluster profiles, allowing users to manage infrastructure in addition to Kubernetes clusters with less requirement for coding skills. Users can set cluster profiles and use them to automate the deployment and maintenance of Kubernetes clusters across the enterprise. Spectro Cloud's approach with this model not only enables teams to centralize the management of Kubernetes environments regardless of physical location, but also provides declarative tools to make it possible for the IT administrator to manage those clusters.


Malik told InfoQ:

Spectro Cloud helps the modern enterprise make cloud-native really work for them by giving them the control they need over their Kubernetes infrastructure. That allows enterprises to grow more confidently in any environment.

Currently, Spectro Cloud isn’t the only vendor with a focus on IT Management based on Kubernetes. Others, ranging from startups to large vendors like Microsoft and Google, have recognized hybrid cloud computing and made investments in products such as Azure Arc, and Anthos

Lastly, Malik discussed with InfoQ what the future for Spectro Cloud would hold:

We plan on taking our existing foundation and building on it to solve nascent problems around how to make infrastructure disappear to the developer regardless of where that infrastructure exists.

In addition, Malik also said:

We will continue to empower developers and DevOps to build, run and scale cloud-native applications anywhere without worrying about managing and operating servers and infrastructure.

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