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InfoQ Homepage News Tailwind CSS 1.2 Release Adds CSS Grid Support

Tailwind CSS 1.2 Release Adds CSS Grid Support


Tailwind CSS, a low-level CSS framework, recently released Tailwind CSS version 1.2, adding support for CSS Grid Layout, CSS Transitions, and CSS Transforms.

Tailwind is an alternative CSS framework to solutions like Bootstrap. Tailwind focuses on offering component-friendly, low-level utility classes to build custom designs.

Tailwind leverages the PostCSS CSS transformation tool and gets configured via JavaScript. Tailwind strives to provide an engine for creating design systems.

Tailwind provides a wide variety of capabilities, including an approach to support responsive design styling.

With version 1.2, Tailwind introduces CSS Grid Layouts through a grids-cols-{n} utility to create columns with CSS. This approach can also leverage the Tailwind approach to responsive design.

Also added in version 1.2 is Tailwind support for CSS Transitions. Using the transition-{properties} utility, CSS transitions over colors, opacity, box shadows, and CSS transforms are possible.

The Tailwind 1.2 release also adds support for CSS Transforms, supporting the scaling of elements by x, y, or combined values.

Tailwind CSS is open source software available under the MIT license. Contributions are welcome under the Tailwind CSS contribution guidelines.

The team creating Tailwind CSS is also working on Tailwind UI, a component library authored with HTML and CSS. Unlike Tailwind CSS, Tailwind UI is a commercial product and subject to commercial license terms and conditions.

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