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ts-toolbelt Adds over 200 Type Utilities to TypeScript

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ts-toolbelt provides a type library to update, change, and compute TypeScript types.

Through a lodash-inspired programmatic API, ts-toolbelt provides more than 200 type utilities while adding minimal overhead to TypeScript.

ts-toolbelt leverages the TypeScript type system for computing complex types. The ts-toolbelt project strives to offer many examples for solving common challenges in TypeScript, encourage type evolution and reusability, and help developers more easily create flexible, type-safe code.

The ts-toolbelt project touts its support for many features, including merging types, concatenating lists, and a variety of additional types on objects, lists, and functions. ts-toolbelt encourages the use of strict type checking and strict null checks.

Installation of ts-toolbelt occurs via npm:

npm install ts-toolbelt --save

The project provides a simple Hello World example for getting started with ts-toolbelt:

import {Object} from 'ts-toolbelt'
// Check the docs below for more

// Merge two `object` together
type merge = Object.MergeUp<{name: string}, {age?: number}>
// {name: string, age?: number}

// Make a field of an `object` optional
type optional = Object.Optional<{id: number, name: string}, 'name'}>
// {id: number, name?: string}

Community reaction to ts-toolbelt is generally very positive. Each major release of ts-toolbelt gets updated to support changes in the quarterly releases of TypeScript.

ts-toolbelt is open-source software available under the Apache 2 license. Contributions are welcome via the ts-toolbelt GitHut repository following the contribution guidelines and code of conduct. Enterprises can also support ts-toolbelt via Tidelift.

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