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InfoQ Homepage News QCon San Francisco Announces 2020 Tracks

QCon San Francisco Announces 2020 Tracks

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The Program Committee behind QCon San Francisco (Nov 16-18), the software conference for senior software engineers, architects, and team leads, announced the tracks for the 2020 edition of the conference.

The 18 individually-curated tracks cover a wide variety of topics:

  • Operating Microservices
  • Inclusion & Diversity in Tech
  • Remote Teams / Remotely Productive Teams
  • Java, The Platform
  • Path to Production: Deployment Pipelines
  • Machine Learning for the Software Engineer
  • And more! Explore all of the 18 tracks

Outside of the main 18 tracks, QCon offers additional sponsored tracks. If a track is sponsored by a vendor, it is separated from the main editorial tracks and labeled as sponsored. One of the core tenants of QCon is transparency, so there is no sponsored content hidden into the main editorial content at the conference.

QCon SF PC member, and partner and tech lead at Carbon Five, Courtney Hemphill, shares her thoughts on what makes QCon a special event:

I've always been really drawn to talking to software practitioners. I felt like I had gone to a lot of conferences where it was created by people who were brought in to sell something or they mostly wrote about software and were not writing the software.

What I appreciate about QCon is that it is put together by people who are so passionate about technology, the application of technology in the real world, about development, about coding, about new languages and architectures. Everyone I met was really knowledgeable because they were deeply involved in the work.

They weren't just talking about it. And that really sold me on the conference and made me feel honored to be a part of the conference. It's also kept me coming back to it.

Registration is $2,090 ($775 off) for the three-day conference if you register before August 1st

QCon is brought to you by InfoQ and is the software conference dedicated to providing a platform for innovator and early adopter companies to tell their stories and share their successes and their failures. It is the place where senior software engineers, architects, and team leads meet to share knowledge, network, and make an impact on their teams and businesses.

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