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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Live Virtual Event on Aug 25th: Session Spotlights and Roundtables

InfoQ Live Virtual Event on Aug 25th: Session Spotlights and Roundtables

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The inaugural InfoQ Live (Aug 25th) is a one-day virtual learning event that deep-dives into building and operating microservices and distributed systems. Discover practical strategies for the current environment that you can put into use straight away. Join world-class practitioners for inspiration, connections, and actionable ideas. See the InfoQ Live full schedule and the speaker line-up.

Session Spotlight (Microservices Track):

Living without Pre-Production Environments, a talk by Nicky Wrightson, principal engineer at Skyscanner

Historically, when we developed large monolithic applications we had several ‘lower’ environments such as dev, test, staging, pre-prod for verifying different stages of our development life cycle. These were particularly used for all manner of testing - integration testing, gatekeeping, acceptance testing. However, as we are moving to increasingly more distributed, complex and larger systems, we have sought tools and processes to enable us to move quicker. We have more automation in our testing, we have more automation in our deployment, and we are creating services that are loosely coupled and independently deployable. Does it still make sense to have all these lower environments?

In this talk you’ll discover:

  • Why Skyscanner has chosen to ditch non-production environments
  • How Skyscanner does this - how they made this working practice possible and how they maintain quality and confidence
  • When this approach doesn’t work (some unsuitable use cases for this approach)

Session Spotlight (Serverless Track):

Armor CLAD Functions, a talk by Guy Podjarny, co-founder & president at SnykSec, previously CTO at Akamai

Serverless functions magically take away multiple security concerns but leave you vulnerable to other threats and security blind-spots. These risks can individually hurt, and as the number of functions grows, could quickly result in death by a thousand cuts.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to properly secure your cloud functions. You’ll discover a model called CLAD to remember what's left to protect and discuss concrete practices to scale your defenses.

Co-located free events: InfoQ Roundtables (sponsored)

Join a live panel discussion between software practitioners where you can ask your own questions to accelerate your learning.

Microservices - Are They Still Worth It? A roundtable sponsored by NGINX

Many of us have moved away from monolithic architectures and embraced microservices, but is the impact we are seeing positive or negative? Is there an alternative middle ground? Have we learned how to wrangle all the operational complexity inherent with large distributed systems? Panelists from a wide range of companies share their thoughts.

Observability Patterns for Distributed Systems, A roundtable sponsored by Lightstep

Spiraling expenses, humans as single-points-of-failure, and the challenges in understanding service dependencies all contribute to significant – yet often hidden – costs in monitoring operations in complex systems. In this roundtable, the panelists will explore how a sound observability strategy can help you not only mitigate these costs, but also avoid common pitfalls in monitoring distributed systems.

Attend InfoQ Live on August 25th, 2020, at 9 AM EDT / 3 PM CEST. Get access to two tracks, including six talks, six facilitated peer sharing sessions, and six Q&As. Register for only $49!

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