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InfoQ Homepage News AWS Launches New Contact Flow APIs for Amazon Connect

AWS Launches New Contact Flow APIs for Amazon Connect

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Amazon Connect is an omnichannel contact service for enterprises to set up and manage a contact center. It is based on the same technology used by 70,000 Amazon customer service associates around the world to power customer conversations.

With Amazon Connect, enterprises can have their contact center managers design contact flows, manage agents, and track performance metrics in a single user interface. However, customers can also programmatically interact with Amazon Connect. A year ago, AWS released a set of APIs for Amazon Connect for customers to programmatically list resources such as queues, phone numbers, contact flows, and hours of operations in an Amazon Connect instance, and more recently, four new APIs to start, stop, pause, and resume call recording.

Recently, AWS announced contact flow management APIs, another set of APIs allowing customers to create, describe, update, and publish contact flows programmatically. Furthermore, with the APIs, they can automate tasks and replicate flows across instances using a CI/CD pipelines. Besides the contact flow management APIs, AWS also released list prompts API, allowing customers to programmatically list all prompts in an Amazon Connect instance, enabling them to automate manual recurring processes.

In an AWS Contact Center blog post on how to leverage the APIs, the authors wrote:

Customers will be able to replicate flows across instances using a CI/CD pipeline, as opposed to manually performing these tasks. This also enables Amazon Connect administrators to have faster and robust mechanisms to innovate, deliver value, and a better experience for their customers.

Developers can get access to Amazon Connect instance through the APIs with an appropriate AWS Account and Identity and Access Management (IAM) role. Next, they can, for instance, use the contact flow APIs to read all the contact flows and back them up in an AWS DynamoDB.


Currently, contact flow management APIs are available in all AWS regions offering Amazon Connect. Moreover, customers can use the APIs without any additional charge. Pricing of Amazon Connect is by the minute – more details are available on the pricing page. And lastly, there are six new digital training courses available to help developers quickly ramp up contact centers using Amazon Connect and an example on GitHub.

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