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Java 15 Released

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Oracle has released version 15 of the Java programming language and virtual machine.

InfoQ originally reported on this release in April and since then only a few features have been added.

Both Records and Patterns for instanceof have returned for a second preview. InfoQ previously featured an in-depth look at Records from Brian Goetz and the general direction of the feature set from Project Amber. This release also delivers a preview of Sealed Classes which is another incremental part of Amber, as discussed at QCon London 2020.

Reaching production (or non-experimental) status are two separate low-latency / low-pause garbage collectors - Oracle's ZGC and Red Hat's Shenandoah - both are intended for workloads that need to maintain very short (~1ms) pause times even on larger heaps and are prepared to pay a higher level of overall performance tax to achieve them.

One of the other more notable features is JEP 383 - Foreign-Memory Access API which has reached Second Incubator status.

The full final list of features is:

It should be noted that Java 15 is not a long-term support release, so the extent to which developers will adopt this new version remains to be seen. To date, none of the non-LTS releases have seen significant adoption.

Java 15 is available for download from Oracle and other vendors, including AdoptOpenJDK.


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