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InfoQ Homepage News Introducing QCon Plus by InfoQ: a Virtual Conference for Senior Software Engineers and Architects

Introducing QCon Plus by InfoQ: a Virtual Conference for Senior Software Engineers and Architects

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Since many software engineers and technical leaders are currently unable to travel in order to attend conferences, network with their peers, and support their development, the team behind InfoQ and QCon have created an alternative virtual event: QCon Plus. This event will run November 4-18, 2020. 

The conference is built to accelerate your learning with thoughtfully curated, shorter, focused technical sessions over three weeks featuring 54 speakers, 4 keynotes, 18+ facilitated peer sharing sessions, and 6 focused open space sessions. All presentations will be available on-demand after the event.

QCon Plus at a Glance

QCon Plus covers the trends, best practices, and solutions leveraged by the world's most innovative software organizations. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. “Level-up” your technical and non-technical skills.
    Learn more in less time. Develop your skills in just three weeks, and share experiences, challenges, ideas, and insights with peers and speakers.

  2. Work the event around your schedule.
    Plan your schedule around a couple of hours a day, two or three days a week for three weeks.

  3. Learn from practitioners creating the future.
    Uncover trends and tools that are helping organizations tackle change and uncertainty. Validate your project or organizational technical roadmap during challenging times. You’ll learn from 54 speakers and 4 keynotes across 18 tracks.

  4. Peer learning groups & interactive problem-solving.
    Connect with a small group of peers and get answers to your problems through highly interactive sessions including Q&As, “ask me anything” (AMAs), breakouts, and real-time collaborative action.

  5. It’s not just about the tech. It’s about you too.
    Get together with peers in a safe setting where everyone is able to express themselves, share ideas, and collaborate on solving problems. Focus on non-technical topics, from managing change to becoming the leader you want to be.

We've designed QCon Plus to help you connect with like-minded peers in a virtual setting. Each session features a keynote from world-class practitioners, Q&As, and an opportunity to engage with peers to help answer your questions. You’ll get actionable ideas you can implement right away.

Wes Reisz
QCon Plus chair, co-host of the InfoQ Podcast, & senior engineer @VMware

Tracks at QCon Plus

QCon Plus features 18 tracks across three weeks including:

  • Architecting for Confidence: Building Resilient Systems
  • Inclusion & Diversity in Tech
  • Languages of Infrastructure
  • Paths to Production: Deployments You've Always Wondered About
  • Client-Side: from WASM to Browser Applications
  • Resurgence of Functional Programming

See all 18 tracks.   

QCon Plus provides a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time learning actionable insights from software leaders in order to help you adopt the right set of technologies and practices.

Take advantage of the early bird and save your spot for $450 before Sept 25th.

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