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InfoQ Homepage News Udacity and Microsoft Launch ML Engineer on Azure Course

Udacity and Microsoft Launch ML Engineer on Azure Course

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Microsoft and Udacity have joined forces to launch a machine learning (ML) engineer training program focused on training, validating, and deploying models using the Azure Suite. The program is open to students with minimal coding experience and will focus on using Azure automated ML.

This new Nanodegree gives students the chance to enhance their technical skills in ML. Students will build models, manage ML pipelines, tweak models to improve performance, and operationalize their models with MLOps best practices. These concepts will be applied on the Azure Machine Learning service. The courses will run within Udacity’s classroom environment which will include a fully integrated Azure Labs experience.

During the first two months of the nanodegree, students focus on the basics of ML on Azure with a low-code experience. After completion, they will move on to applying more advanced techniques such as ensemble learning and deep learning.

This course, like most courses on Udacity, runs 100% remotely. Support is provided by technical mentors to help students clear roadblocks and career coaches facilitate one-on-one calls and help students improve their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and GitHub repositories. The capstone project requires students to use Azure Automated ML and HyperDrive to solve an interesting problem with a model deployed to a live and tested web endpoint. Students can use their knowledge from this nanodegree to earn a certification at Microsoft called Exam DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure.

Gabriel Dalporto, the CEO of Udacity, said at the launch event

There is no doubt that new-age technologies such as AI and ML will govern the future of businesses. Organisations have taken note of this. They have fast-forwarded their steps for hiring the best talent that can bring them a competitive edge in the market. We have developed this program in collaboration with Microsoft to offer a deep dive into the world of ML to learners. We believe that our experiential learning approach backed with continuous mentorship and industry-relevant coursework will empower our students to have long and successful careers in Azure technologies.

The foundations course will open for applications from June 10th to June 30th. The course will then begin on July 8th and will run until September 10th.

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