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InfoQ Homepage News Docker Announces Open Source Compose for AWS ECS & Microsoft ACI

Docker Announces Open Source Compose for AWS ECS & Microsoft ACI

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Docker announced that they are open-sourcing the code for the beta implementations of the Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Microsoft Azure Container Instances (ACI) Compose integrations. Further to creating an open community for developing Compose specification, this is the first time Docker has made Compose available for the cloud.

In his blog post, Chris Crone, senior engineering manager at Docker, mentioned that developers can now take their local Compose projects to the cloud. Providing details of the integration, he clarified that when implementing these integrations, the existing CLI commands were not impacted. Furthermore, the architecture would make it easy to add backends and provide SDKs in popular languages.


From the above architecture diagram, the Node SDK and Compose CLI have been open-sourced. Crone stated that the architecture is not final, and there is a plan to merge Compose CLI with existing CLI in the future. As a result of this integration, a developer can issue the docker compose up command to deploy Compose applications to the cloud, just as they would when working locally. Based on the Docker Context selected, Compose CLI switches the backend.

Using the backend interface abstraction, the developer can have the same Docker CLI experience to implement any container runtime. The Compose CLI uses gRPC to produce SDKs in popular languages like Node.js, Python, and Golang.

Earlier this year, Docker had announced their partnership with Microsoft and AWS, making the beta release available for the developers. The Compose CLI and Node SDK are currently in beta.

The community on Twitter has welcomed this announcement with Twitter user Nigel Poulton tweeting, "... I'm seeing tons of positive things surrounding #Docker these days". Another user Maurizio Turatti has tweeted, "In the fight for simplification, this is a very good idea from @Docker."

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