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InfoQ Homepage News Level-up on the Skills That Are Most in-Demand in Software Right Now. Attend QCon Plus (Nov 4-18)

Level-up on the Skills That Are Most in-Demand in Software Right Now. Attend QCon Plus (Nov 4-18)

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Now more than ever, it’s important to level-up on the practices, patterns, and skills in a demanding and unpredictable environment. But what are the areas that you should be focusing on and investing your time in? Attend QCon Plus by InfoQ (Nov 4-18) and focus on the topics that matter right now in software development.

What to Expect from QCon Plus

At QCon Plus (Nov 4-18), a virtual conference for senior software engineers, architects, and team leads, you’ll learn how software development teams are pivoting and surviving during rapid business change.  Spaced-out over three weeks, you’ll:

  • Discover hard-learned lessons and actions from the most successful companies in our industry
  • Identify strategies for not just building services, but operating them at scale
  • Understand how to deliver continual innovation in a mature software ecosystem
  • Learn best practices for remote working

Sessions Spotlight

Essential Complexity in Systems Architecture by Laura Nolan, site reliability engineer @Slack, contributor to Seeking SRE, & SRECon Steering Committee

This talk will look at some real distributed system architectures and examine the tradeoffs that they make between the number of moving parts and operability. By the end of the talk, you should appreciate the subtle ways that apparently simple systems can create complex and difficult-to -nderstand behaviors.

Solving Mysteries Faster with Observability, Elizabeth Carretto, senior software engineer @Netflix

You’ll leave this talk with an understanding of how we enhance distributed tracing with additional contexts like logs and metadata to resolve issues. You’ll see examples of how Edgar has paid off, and hear about the challenges we faced. Finally, we’ll inspire you to leverage the data you already have to help you and your team solve mysteries faster.

#QConPlus looks really fun, it’s on this Nov 4-18. I’ve spoken at @QCon many times (microservices training debuted there), The online lineup looks pretty great.

James Lewis, member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board

QCon Plus Workshops

Deep-dive with world-class practitioners on the topics that matter most to you. Attend a QCon Plus workshop for just $150.

You can choose from over 10 workshops on Kubernetes, containers, security, AI, service mesh, culture, frontend, and spring boot:

See the rest of the workshops.

QCon Plus has been designed to help you:

  • Work the event around your schedule. Each week comprises of editorial tracks featuring shorter, focused technical sessions with software leaders, roundtable discussions, interactive sessions, and workshops over three or four days each week. Plan your schedule around a couple of hours a day, two to three days a week for three weeks.
  • Learn from practitioners creating the future across a variety of technical and non-technical topics. Uncover trends and tools that are helping organizations tackle change and uncertainty. Validate your project roadmap during challenging times.
  • Meet in peer-learning groups for interactive problem-solving. Connect with a small group of peers and get answers to your problems through highly interactive sessions including Q&As, AMAs, breakouts, and real-time collaborative action.

QCon Plus (Nov 4-18) is not just another virtual conference. it’s the place where senior software engineers, architects, and team leads connect, learn, and grow.

Save your spot at QCon Plus and take advantage of the limited early bird tickets.

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