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InfoQ Homepage News Embracing Observability in Distributed Systems at InfoQ Live (Virtual Event on Feb 16th)

Embracing Observability in Distributed Systems at InfoQ Live (Virtual Event on Feb 16th)

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InfoQ Live, the one-day virtual event designed for the modern software practitioner, returns on Feb 16th, 2021. The focus of this edition is to explore and discover practical ways you can use and integrate observability into your distributed system architecture. Join us on Feb 16th from 9 am EDT / 3 PM CEST. Register for only $19.95.

No system is completely reliable, especially a distributed system. If you are unsure how to use observability to build and manage dependencies in your distributed systems, join world-class practitioners at InfoQ Live and discover how to implement observability in every stage of the software development life cycle—design, development, testing, and deployment.

Here’s what you can expect from InfoQ Live this February:

InfoQ sat down with David Millar, InfoQ Live content manager, and learned about the goals of each InfoQ Live event:

We’ve designed InfoQ Live to help you connect with like-minded peers in a virtual setting. Each session features a keynote from world-class practitioners, Q&As, and an opportunity to engage with peers to help answer your questions.  You’ll get actionable ideas you can implement right away.

Join your software engineering peers for the InfoQ Live Feb 16th virtual event, learn from experts, and be part of the conversation about observability in distributed systems.

Register for InfoQ Live for only $19.95.

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