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InfoQ Homepage News Learn about the Most In-Demand Skills from Expert Practitioners at QCon Plus, May 17-28

Learn about the Most In-Demand Skills from Expert Practitioners at QCon Plus, May 17-28

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If you are a senior software engineer, architect, or team lead and want to take your technical learning and personal development to a whole new level this year, join us at QCon Plus on May 17-28. Here you can discover trends, best practices, and solutions implemented by the world's most innovative software organizations.

Take advantage of the biggest saving for QCon Plus. Save your spot for $399 before Feb 6th.

Here’s what to expect this May 17-28:

Technical talks from software leaders pushing the boundaries

Stay ahead of the adoption curve. Discover the trends and hear about what should be on your radar. 

Topics we’ll dive into in 2021 include:

  • Leading Full Cycle Engineering Teams
  • Compiling to Native Code
  • Modern Data Pipelines
  • The Monolith is Dead, Long Live the Monolith
  • Events Rule Everything around Me
  • Continuous Delivery, Workflows, and Platforms

Real-time, live, interactive sessions

QCon Plus is more than only technical talks. Take part in live interactive sessions to get new perspectives, get answers to your questions, and share experiences with speakers and your peers.  

Interactive sessions include:

  • Live Q&As with speakers
  • Live panel discussions on key topics with software right now
  • Dedicated hallway track to meet speakers and peers
  • Unconference sessions to help you directly tackle issues you are facing
  • A Slack community of speakers and peers where you can take part in AMAs and technical discussions

Async learning based on your schedule

You’ll get on-demand access to QCon Plus talks. Rewatch sessions, get inspired with actionable insights, and catch up on conversations from a global software community.

Level-up your skills with optional workshops

QCon Plus offers optional workshops that provide technical deep-dives. Last year’s workshop topics included: containers, Kubernetes, microservices, security, micro-frontends, collaborative culture. More information on the 2021 workshops will be coming soon. Stay tuned for updates.

QCon Plus far exceeded my expectations (and I had high expectations). Great job making the online experience such a great one. Really enjoyed the conference both as speaker and attendee.

Paul Bakker, senior software engineer at Netflix - co-author of "Java 9 Modularity" - Java Champion

Register for QCon Plus (May 17-28) for $399 before Feb 6th.

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