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InfoQ Homepage News Software Delivery Practices Evolve Fast, So Should Your Learning: Attend QCon Plus This May 17-28

Software Delivery Practices Evolve Fast, So Should Your Learning: Attend QCon Plus This May 17-28

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QCon Plus, the virtual software development conference, will focus this May 17-28 on emerging software trends and innovations, giving attendees the opportunity to connect with software experts from innovator and early adopter companies.

The event features 16 tracks across two weeks curated by domain experts to focus on the topics that matter right now in software. Topics for 2021 are:

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About
  • Architecting for Resilience
  • WebAssembly throughout the Stack
  • System-Level Programming Languages
  • Current and Future Java and JVM Languages
  • Optimizing Your Organisation for Speed: Platforms and Process
  • Architecting a Modern Financial Institution
  • Observability and Understandability in Production
  • Applied Computer Science
  • Modern Data Pipelines and Data Mesh
  • Mechanical Sympathy - Developing for Modern Hardware
  • Running Effective Remote Teams
  • Accelerating APIs and Edge Computing
  • State of ML/AI Union
  • Microservice - The First Decade
  • Software Supply Chain - Building Secure Systems

The driving force behind every QCon software development conference is a passion to accelerate the software side of human progress. At the second edition of our flagship event, attendees from all around the world will be able to learn the trends, best practices, and solutions applied by the most innovative organizations. We will provide an online experience optimized for senior software professionals with deadlines who want to level-up their skills through deep-dives into innovative technologies while keeping up with their busy schedule.

Dio Synodinos, president at C4Media - the provider of and QCon conferences

QCon Plus is an online experience where attendees can expect technical talks focused on patterns and practices, not products and pitches. Join over 1500 software engineers and architects from AIMTEC, Google, Citigroup, ING, Investec, Red Hat, Tradeweb, VMware, and more.

Take advantage of the early bird ending on March 6th to save $150 off the full ticket price. Register for QCon Plus.

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    by Adelina Vasile,

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    Hi Ali,

    In order to book your spot at QCon Plus go to

    Kindly note, our early bird price of $449 ends on March 6th (tomorrow).

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