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InfoQ Homepage News What Does the Future Hold for Java? Dive into the New Java 16 Features at InfoQ Live (April 27)

What Does the Future Hold for Java? Dive into the New Java 16 Features at InfoQ Live (April 27)

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The April edition of InfoQ Live, the one-day virtual event for software engineers and architects, will focus on Java, why applications should use a recent Java version, and how to overcome the real-world challenges of upgrading to the latest Java version. 

Explore what is currently available in OpenJDK 16 and what is upcoming in OpenJDK 17. Learn about the status of the new features being introduced into Java via Project Valhalla. Leverage the new features in Java looking at cost, reliability, scalability, and performance. Deep-dive into these topics at InfoQ Live on Tuesday, April 27

All talks are available on-demand after the conference so you don’t miss a session, even if you can’t attend the live event. 

InfoQ Live Editorial Sessions

Learn how world-class software professionals solved common challenges. Discover practical ways to guide your problem-solving approach.

Upgrade to Java 16 or 17 by Johan Janssen, Software Architect @SanomaLearning

Java upgrades are sometimes seen as difficult and many applications are still running on an older version of Java. This session describes the current six months release process of Java and why applications should use a recent Java version. After that, I'll explain the challenges of upgrading and provide some useful tips to make the process easier. Concrete examples will be used to show you how to upgrade your application to Java 16 or 17.

Johan Janssen, software architect @SanomaLearning

What's New in Java 16 by Sander Mak, Director of Technology @Picnic

Like clockwork, another Java release arrived this March. In this session, we'll dive into the exciting new features of Java 16. First, we'll look at API updates that will make your life easier. Then, we'll look at two major new language features: records and pattern matching. Sealed Classes are still a preview feature in this version, but we'll take a peek at what they can offer as well. Come join me to stay up-to-date on all things Java!

Sander Mak, director of technology @Picnic

Co-Located event: InfoQ Roundtable (Sponsored by Azul)

Join a live panel discussion between software practitioners where you can ask your own questions to accelerate your learning.

What Does the Future Hold for Java? 

Leaders from the Java community will delve into some of the new features in Java including Records, Local Variable Type Inference, and performance improvements. They will also discuss the various "free" builds of OpenJDK, identifying the best way to mitigate cost and risk, and look into the creation and development of, and what the founders’ future aspirations are for this Java community hub.

We are donating 100% of net revenue tickets (minus taxes, credit card fees, and processing fees) for this event to organizations working towards diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology industry. If you’d like to contribute, register for just $19.95. In addition, at every event registration (InfoQ Live Pass, or InfoQ Live + Roundtable Pass), you receive a gift pass you can share with someone on your team or a friend.

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