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InfoQ Homepage News Java News Roundup - Week of April 12th, 2021

Java News Roundup - Week of April 12th, 2021

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This week's Java news roundup features news from OpenJDK promoting JEP 411 to Candidate status, Kotlin 1.5.0-RC, Piranha Cloud 21.4.0, Weld CDI point releases, CloudBees releasing Jenkins X 3.0, numerous Spring project-related point releases and release candidates, and a new Atlassian JIRA command-line utility introduced by David Blevins.

It was a very quiet week for OpenJDK JEPs as only one: JEP 411, Deprecate the Security Manager for Removal, had been promoted to Candidate status. This deprecates the Security Manager for removal in a future release. For many years, the Security Manager has not been the primary means of securing client-side Java code and has rarely been used to secure server-side code. The intent is to deprecate the Security Manager, introduced in Java 1.0, for removal in conjunction with JEP 398, Deprecate the Applet API for Removal. There were concerns within the Java community as this could have a significant effect on the future development of Jakarta EE. As mentioned in the risks and assumptions section of JEP 411:

Jakarta EE has several requirements on the Security Manager. These must be either relaxed or removed in order for compliant applications to run on future Java releases after the Security Manager is degraded and then removed.

InfoQ will follow up with a more detailed news story.

JetBrains has released Kotlin 1.5.0-RC featuring updates to the experimental features first introduced in Kotlin 1.4.30. InfoQ recently reported on these experimental features that are planned to be stable in the upcoming GA release of Kotlin 1.5.0.

David Blevins, CEO at Tomitribe, introduced a new Atlassian JIRA command-line utility named Jamira. This will ultimately replace the now-defunct Swizzle JIRA, a Codehaus project that was shutdown after the XML-RPC API was removed from JIRA 7.0 and the demise of Codehaus. Jamira is based on CREST, a command-line API project offered by Tomitribe.

In their monthly blog post, Piranha has announced the release of Piranha Cloud 21.4.0 featuring: an updated minimum Java version to Java 16; testing on Java 17 early access builds; and supporting a mix of Jakarta EE libraries in Piranha Server and Piranha Micro. A full list of changes may be found on their issues page.

Over at Weld, versions 4.0.1.SP1 and 3.1.7.SP1 of their reference implementation of the CDI specification were released to address several flaws discovered in the new class defining for JDK 11+. The two main issues were: producers returning an interface type could sometimes try to define a proxy class with an invalid name (WELD-2662); and proxy class names for hierarchical type structures of interfaces could lead to a jumbled combination of package and name (WELD-2666).

In the Java DevOps space, CloudBees has released Jenkins X 3.0 featuring a host of new features and platform changes. A complete walkthrough on Jenkins X 3.0 may be found on YouTube.

And finally, it was a very busy week at Spring as a number of point releases and release candidates on some of their projects were made available to the Java community.

Spring Framework 5.3.6 and 5.2.14 have been released featuring 19 bug fixes and improvements in version 5.3.6 and 11 bug fixes and improvements in version 5.2.14.

In preparation for the GA release in mid-May, Spring Boot 2.5.0-RC1 was made available with new features such as: a new actuator endpoint for the Quartz scheduler; support for database initialization with R2DBC; Micometer metrics support for Spring Data repositories and MongoDB; and support for Gradle 7.0.

Spring for Apache Kafka 2.7.0 has been released featuring a significant enhancement related to failed deliveries and non-blocking retries. More details may be found in the what's new section of the documentation.

Patch releases of Spring Security versions 5.2.10, 5.3.9, and 5.4.6 have been made available to deliver bug fixes along with some minor improvements. Meanwhile, Spring Security 5.5.0, scheduled for a GA release in mid-May, has reached RC1 status. Developers can expect noteworthy changes such as: JWT client authentication and bearer authorization support for OAuth 2.0 clients; AuthorizationManager, a new authorization API; Kotlin coroutine support for reactive method security; and support for OpenSAML 4. Further details may be found in the release notes.

Spring Integration 5.4.6 and 5.3.7 have been released featuring a number of bug fixes and improvements. Spring Integration 5.5, currently a release candidate, will introduce a new component, File Aggregator, to cover the other side of a File Splitter use-case when START/END markers are enabled. More details may be found in the what's new section of the documentation and a migration guide provides a list of breaking changes.

Spring Data for Apache Solr has been slated to be discontinued due to a decline in community interest, feature requests, and bug reports. This project will, however, remain part of the Spring Data Neumann and Ockham release trains.

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