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InfoQ Homepage News Java News Roundup - Week of April 19th, 2021

Java News Roundup - Week of April 19th, 2021

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This week's Java news roundup features news from OpenJDK promoting JEP 412 to Candidate status, Object Computing introducing JHipster Micronaut Blueprint 1.0, point releases for GraalVM and Spring Cloud Horton, a new alpha release for Quarkus 2.0, and a call for papers for both EclipseCon and ApacheCon that are currently open.

It was another very quiet week for OpenJDK JEPs as only one: JEP 412: Foreign Function & Memory API (Incubator) has been promoted from Draft to Candidate status. This proposes to introduce an API by which Java programs can interoperate with code and data outside of the Java runtime that has traditionally been handled by the Java Native Interface, a specification that has been part of the JDK since version 1.0.

Object Computing, Inc. has announced the release of JHipster Micronaut Blueprint 1.0, a collaboration of Object Computing, Micronaut Foundation and JHipster, to build a Micronaut option for JHipster server-side applications. Also known as MHipster, this new framework generates monolith- or microservices-based applications with key features and integrations to facilitate quicker deployments to production. InfoQ will follow-up with a more detailed news story.

Oracle has released GraalVM 21.1 featuring faster warmup, smaller downloads, and support for JDK 16. Based on OpenJDK versions 1.8.0_292 and 11.0.11, GraalVM 21.1 introduces experimental binaries based on JDK 16. Further details may be found in the release notes and this YouTube video. InfoQ will follow-up with a more detailed news story.

After a very busy week, the only Spring-related news this week was service release 11 of the Spring Cloud Hoxton release train featuring bug fixes and updated documentation. Spring Cloud Hoxton.SR11 is compatible with Spring Boot versions 2.3.x and 2.2.x. More information may be found in the release notes.

Red Hat has released Quarkus 2.0.0.Alpha1 featuring support for Vert.x 4.0 and MicroProfile 4.0. There are also major changes in the SmallRye components. A new continuous testing feature has been introduced to provide continuous feedback during code changes. Red Hat is encouraging the Java community to experiment with the Quarkus 2.0 early release binaries and provide feedback. An evergreen migration guide is also available.

In conference news, EclipseCon 2021 has announced a call for papers with an early-bird deadline set for June 1, 2021. Scheduled for October 25-28, 2021, EclipseCon will once again be a virtual conference. An in-person conference is planned for 2022 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

The call for papers for ApacheCon 2021 will be coming to a close on May 3, 2021. Scheduled for September 21-23, 2021, this will also be a virtual conference and registration for attendees is now open.

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